Sharing a room with Chris…

It was a great week of snowboarding and as I mentioned in another post some times our chalet can be a bit of a Lycra feast for the eyes and this year didn’t disappoint although besides Gareth most of the other Lycra candy in the common areas was provided by myself.

My cycling friend Chris decided to come along this year which was great although it meant I didn’t get the double bedroom like the last couple of years, but I knew that we would either been sharing a room or we would be in the triple rooms but either way it was really great that he decided to have him along.

It’s been quite a few years for Chris between ski holidays so he needed to stock up on gear and we have had a lot of text and pub conversations about what he needed to get and if you remember my post about all of the compression tights I have purchase I have mentioned these to him as well (downplayed of course).

On all of the cycling trips that we have done together we have never shared a room and he is a very quite guy and I know that when he does wear his cycling Lycra he always makes sure that he is tucked in behind the pad, so needless to say I wasn’t sure how it was going to go as I am not shy in Lycra and at the gym I’m not one of those guys that will wrap a towel around them to change.

Having talked to Chris about the gear he was buying I knew that he would be packing his cycling base layers and whilst we had talked about compression tights he never said whether he had brought any, so it was going to be interesting to see whether his bag was packed with as much Lycra as mine was.

After we arrived at our chalet and were allocated the rooms it was finally confirmed that we would be in a twin room with our own bathroom so after selecting which bed we each wanted I set about unpacking my bag and so I transferred everything out onto the bed. After a minute of unpacking there was no hiding the fact that I had packed enough Lycra for a new bit everyday and so I thought to break the Lycra ice I would mention that with the room being small it was good that I had invested in more base layers for this trip so I didn’t need to wash them in the sink and hang them over the raditator. Through the conversation though I did find out that Chris only packed a couple pairs of compression shorts and his cycling base layers.

The first morning was a bit crazy to get back into the routine of getting dressed for a day on the slopes so I wasn’t in the room when Chris got dressed in the morning so it wasn’t until the evening that I was able to get a chance to see which of his base layers he had chosen for the day on the slopes.

After we got back to the chalet Chris disappeared into the room and so I thought he would be heading for a shower so I decided to hang out in the lounge and chat to a couple of the other crew.

After a little while I decided to head into the room and thought I’d be coming into an empty room with Chris in the shower or if he was quick in the shower, showered and changed, but to my surprise as I opened the door I saw Chris was laying back on his bed (which was the one closest to the door) in his salopettes and just his base layer. I was shocked but pleased to see and to try and cover my surprise I said something like “Oh thought you’d grabbed the shower first”. He replied he’d been chatting with his girlfriend and with that his phone pinged with a message and with that his focus went back to his phone and chatting with his girlfriend, so I proceeded to strip down to my Lycra base layers before heading into the bathroom to clean up.

When I came back out of the bathroom Chris was in the same position that I had left him in, so after putting my sweaty gear away and grabbing my ipad I laid down on my bed to check my emails. After a couple of minutes Chris’s focus on his phone moved and we started chatting about the runs we did that day as he got up off his bed. As we chatted and he moved around the room getting himself ready for his shower it allowed me the perfect opportunity to take more of his Lycra base layer in.

The compression top that he wore the first day was a white Skins top and it showed off his amazing torso and I had never really noticed this under his loose cycling jerseys but in this tight white Lycra there was no hiding it, but Chris has a some incredible pecs. It could have been the white Lycra or the contrast stitching but there his pecs were and as my eyes traced over the white Lycra it looked like a sculptor had done an amazing job with a mound of clay but I really had to concentrate on the conversation whilst I took the view in that was before me.

Double Torso CutI was able to keep chatting whilst my eyes mapped out the smooth curves of Chris’s pecs before heading down to trace the journey that the tight white Lycra was now taking over his upper abs I was so glad that he had this top in white as it allowed the ripples of his abs to show through as his base layer headed south and under his salopettes. I could have laid there for hours looking at Chris but before long he disappeared into the bathroom for a shower.

As I lay there I could not focus on anything else except for what was going on behind the bathroom do as Chris had mentioned that he would have to wash his cycling base layers, there was only one thing that could have been better than what I had just seen, and the would be what I just saw but with some water added. In my mind I could not help picturing the water hitting the white Lycra that was stretched across his shoulders and as the water started to run down his body the water would leave the Lycra almost transparent and his skin would glisten under the tight fabric until the base layer was soaked through.

It wasn’t long until the next opportunity to see Chris’s base layers presented itself, as on the second morning Chris was up and in the bathroom before I even had a chance to fully wake up. As I stretched out under the sheets I started to think about what compression tights I was going to wear today but as I was deciding the bathroom door open and out walked Chris in his DHB base layer and salopettes and said “Good Morning, how did you sleep?”.

Chris was standing at the foot of his bed organising his gear and from my bed I had the perfect view of him in this base layer and what instantly struck me was that the Lycra was either stretched tighter or a little thinner but as my eyes traced over Chris’s white Lycra covered chest my eyes were drawn to the lower part of his pecs as you could see his nipples through the fabric. It was just amazing to see and whilst yesterday his chest looked incredible cover in Lycra today’s white offering took it to another level.

His nipples looked like they has been placed perfectly by the sculptor that moulded his chest out of clay and as they sat there pert just on the verge of his pecs just as they started to curve down to meet his upper abs, seeing them through the Lycra made them look a darker muted pink than they would if he had no top on.

2016-02-18 22.42.10 Nip CutOver the next week Chris’s base layers took turns to hang and dry on the radiator one by one and a couple of times when Chris was other wise occupied I couldn’t resist the urge to feel the fabric. Lucky for me though I got to see Chris in these tops a couple of times and to my amazement all of the tops were white with very little design or colour on them which surprised me as this quiet guy the I have cycled with for so long has shown me a rather bold Lycra clad side that showed off the body that has been hiding under hid cycling jersey all of these years.

2016-02-18 22.44.45 Cut



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