Adidas Three Stripe Lycra for breakfast

After a busy January back in London it was finally time to take off on the annual week of snowboarding and even though I look forward to this week in the snow every year I have been so excited about this year’s trip so after getting back from Asia I left the bag out and I had started to pack weeks ago which is definitely out of character for me.

You can be assured that there is a lot of Lycra packed and as I mentioned in the Back to Bondi post, I don’t know whether there would be any opportunity for a sauna or swim after a day of boarding but I always pack a pair of Speedos just in case so I packed the Eyeline Bondi Speedos for this trip.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you’ll remember that I have also buying a lot of new compression tights and the mandatory ones packed are the ones that I filmed on the mannequin in the Nike Store so this year I will have a new pair for everyday.

After a really early morning flight we got to our chalet in resort mid afternoon which allowed us time to go and get our boards, skis and everything unpacked ready for first lift in the morning. Our group usually takes up the full chalet but this year we had a one room that we just could not fill so we all knew that there would some other people sharing the chalet with us which in the past has always worked out well. We were lucky yet again this year as Gareth and his Mum had taken the room last minute and from the get go they seemed really outgoing and it definitely didn’t take them long to fit into our group.

In past especially when we have the whole chalet to ourselves people have been comfortable to eat breakfast in their base layers and so at times it has been a bit of a Lycra feast for the eyes but I wasn’t sure how this year would play out as Chris and another new guy were joining the group this year and we also had Gareth and his Mum in the mix as well. I was really looking forward to the first morning mainly to get onto the first lift but also to get and indication of how much Lycra would be on show each morning.

I was sharing a room with Chris (that deserves it own post so more on that later) so after I saw him throw on  some jeans on over his boxers as he got out of bed I knew he wasn’t joining the Lycra feast, but I thought I would start the week strong and decided I would wear a pair of red Puma compression tights and a white Henley Hansen top out to breakfast. Before I headed out to breakfast I decided I would get everything ready to go and as Chris sat on his bed playing on his phone I proceeded to get everything sorted and ready so I could come back in, brush my teeth and head down to the boot room.

Chris was still on his phone after I had everything sorted so I headed out for breakfast in just my red Puma tights and white Tech top and to my surprise there were a few people over in the lounge area but it was just Gareth and his Mum and the table getting stuck into their breakfast. As I moved over to get a cup of coffee my eyes were instantly draw to Gareth’s arms as from under his t-shirt I could see the Canterbury Logo on his Lycra covered arms and whilst it was disappointing that he had a loose t-shirt over the top of it, it was still great to see this much Lycra on display.

After getting my breakfast and sitting back at the table opposite Gareth it wasn’t long before my mind started to picture how his black Canterbury base layer was fitting him as whilst his t-shirt was loose in comparison to the tight lycra that wrapped around his biceps and disappear up and under his sleeves. I could see that his t-shirt was tighter across his shoulders and chest and pictured that the fabric of his t-shirt would be pressed hard against the black Lycra of his compression top and the Lycra pressed against his bare skin.baselayer-cold-long-sleeve-top-p15718-10397_zoom - CUTI enjoyed my breakfast as more people appeared and started their breakfast, but I resigned myself to the fact that Gareth’s Black Compression top was the only Lycra candy I would get with my cornflakes in the morning,

Some time after the last person had came down to breakfast talk turned to the plan for the day, but mid conversation my attention was diverted as I saw Gareth grab his coffee mug and started to move to get up from the table and whilst up until now I hadn’t paid any thought as to what else he was wearing, but the t-shirt over his compression top didn’t give me much hope that he would just have compression tights on. Ever the optimist I thought that if in the unlikely event that he was just wear tights I would not miss this full frontal view as I was sat directly across from him.

As he pushed back on his chair and started to raise out of his chair his upper body was lent forward and the first sign of anything below his waist registered as he was wearing black bottoms but as he continued to stand up as I got to see more of his black bottoms it started to register with me that he wasn’t wear loose track pants but black running tights and at this stage my eyes were in full HD mode trying to take in every last detail of the fabric.

After standing up from his chair (coffee mug in hand) he paused enough to ask if any one wanted another cup of coffee and in the moment that it took for the first answer to come back was all it took for me to take in the Lycra candy that was now standing directly in front of me.

Gareth is 21 and from conversation (and by just looking at him in his tights) is quite athletic and whilst his black tights had a matt finish to them, it was great to see the Lycra stretched across his upper thighs. As my eyes traced over the Lycra on show I got a good idea of what the top front part of his tights looked like as although the bottom of his t-shirt fell pretty low on him it fell just above where the Lycra starts to stretch away from the top of each thigh and starts to create a pouch to accommodate his bulge.


Looking directly front on there was no hint of what brand these tights were or if they had any other design but as Gareth turned ever so slightly to start to head over to the kettle the three white stripes that now appeared running down the side one of this thighs instantly told me he was wearing some Adidas running tights.

As he turned and moved away from the table I could feel my excitement building in my red puma tights and with Chris sitting next to me there was no way I was going to be able to stand up at the moment and would definitely need another cup of coffee before I could head back to the room.

Over the next couple of minutes whilst Gareth was standing up boiling the kettle and making a couple of cups of coffee I was able to catch enough glimpses of him to form a 360 degree view Gareth’s running tights in my mind.

Addidas 3 Stripe Tights


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