Christmas day in Speedos

Well as with everything my time on the ocean had to end and if I could have logged in and worked from the ship and continued with my daily routine of personal training sessions and hanging around the pool for hours on end in my Speedos I would have signed up on the dotted line.

As we landed into Heathrow being on the ship felt so far away but as I looked at the wintery weather outside I knew that I was only going to be back long enough to do a load of washing and get a new selections of Speedos and then I would be coming back and taking off to spend the rest of my Christmas break in Asia.

I have had this trip booked for most of the year and when I originally thought about this holiday my main criteria was sun, an infinity pool and access to a beach and the resort didn’t disappoint. When booking it I thought as a treat to myself (which now seems an extravagance after the trip I have just had) I would spend a little more on the accommodation to get a suite with it’s own pool and after checking in the first impression when looking out the glass doors that lead out from the living room to the pool I knew it was absolutely worth every pound.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you can probably guess my Bondi Speedos were certainly packed for this trip and so were the first thing I grabbed out of bag as for now unpacking could wait as I just wanted to get them on and into that pool. Obviously they were one of many pairs that I brought and I had thought this would be the perfect opportunity to wear some of those lighter colour Speedos that I can’t wear to the pool as they go see through when wet.

As I headed out to the pool I didn’t really take in the surroundings as I was just focussed on getting into the pool the water was as expected and it felt great and refreshing to have the feel of wet Speedos against my skin once more. After a couple of minutes of swimming in the pool I started to notice the surroundings and I started to wondering how private my pool really would be.

The end of pool which was closest to the living room was not overlooked and secluded  but at the end of the pool that looked out over the ocean one side was the edge of the pool whilst the other side was the terrace that went to the edge of the pool and was rather open so that people looking up from the beach and some of the other terraces look over.

After a bit more swimming I thought the open area of the terrace would be a good place to spend a bit of time and it would hopefully give me a great vantage point to see what the neighbours were like, so I grabbed a towel and stretched out to enjoy the heat and dry off before heading back inside to unpack.

Infinity Day Dream

The first day I spent in my Bondi Speedos as they are my new favourites and being Navy Blue I knew that I would be safe to head down to the beach and the main pool and around the resort in them. After this though I didn’t wear them again as they next day I wore my AussieBum Noosa Speedos and I fell in love with them all over again once I got them wet and I never tired of looking down as I raised them out of the water and the wet fabric would cling to my skin leaving nothing to the imagination. Over the duration of my stay I alternated over the rest of the time between my Ice Blue Classic Aussiebums, white Speedos yellow and lighter colour Speedos.

I soon got into a routine of getting up before breakfast would arrive, rolling out of bed and pulling on a new pair for the day then heading straight for the pool. I usually had enough time to get totally soaked through and sit or lay on the end of the pool taking in the amazing view before jumping back into pool and swimming back to the other end of the pool for breakfast, but most mornings I was able to time it enough that the fabric was still wet enough to be see through when breakfast arrived.

Aussiebum7 Cut

I spend 95% of the my time on this holiday in Speedos and whilst the first day was spent in my Navy Bondi Speedos the remainder of the time I would be in very light rather see through coloured Speedos. It was interesting to see how the waiters and waitresses reacted when they would bring room service or whenever I left my private terrace to head down to the beach or main pool I would have a quick dip in the pool to get the fabric soaking wet before heading out.

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