Christmas Holiday’s in Lycra

Well it seems a lifetime ago now but I wanted to tell you about the rest of my Christmas trip although a lot more abbreviated than I’d hoped, but hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about it anyway. So far I have blogged about boarding the ship to find I had a suite with my own Joshua who unpacked my Lycra for me and the first gym session with Rob the personal trainer so I wanted to wrap up the rest of the trip for you.

Throughout the cruise I was a bit disappointed as I only saw two other pairs of Speedos in the pools or Jacuzzis through out the trip and one was a single European guy and another on a French Dad who would come for a dip some afternoons with his kids. I did my usual and packed a new pair of Speedos for everyday and more, but as I mentioned in the back to Bondi blogpost once I wore the Bondi pair they sort of became my favourite and most days Joshua would find them hung over the taps in the shower after I had my afternoon swim and shower and had headed out for the night. I did pack my RipCurl Speedos, 2 pairs of Ca-Rio-Ca Speedos to mention just a few but then again I did swim several times during the day so there were a lot of wet speedos hanging around the bathroom but I always seemed to gravitate back to the Bondi pair for the late afternoon swim.

So I know I did my bit to promote the Speedo on the ship, but for me most of the Lycra candy was to be found in the Gym and throughout my week of sessions with Rob he certainly got to see me sweat in my Lycra tights I thing the most revealing were my light grey compressions tights as the sweat would definitely show up. Rob had a new Lycra Compression top every day which was very motivating but below his waist he only wore track pants which made his tops look tighter as my eyes followed the Lycra down until it disappeared under his track pants.

I did book myself a massage half way through the trip so for this I thought I should wear the tiniest pair of Speedos I had so on that day I came back from the gym, showered off and then slipped into my tiny grey pair of Ca-Rio-Ca Speedos before heading down to use the Spa facilities before my massage. I headed down about an hour before my appointment time so I stripped down to my grey tiny Speedos and spent some time in the hydro therapy pool and the steam room and sauna before showering off and towelling myself dry to head around to the treatment rooms.

After heading to the treatment room and going through the formalities with the masseur it wasn’t long before I was left alone to take off my robe and lay face down under a sheet on the massage table and whilst I lay there by myself before the masseuse came back in I was getting so excited at the thought off them pulling back the sheet to start the massage and seeing the grey Lycra stretched across my butt.

As I lay there my concentration started to focus on the feel of the cotton sheet against my bare back and in my mind I traced down my back enjoying the feel of the sheet against my skin and as I got to the small of my back I could feel that sheet leave my skin and at the bottom of the void was bare skin as my butt cheeks raised up but because these Speedos were rather tiny the tops of my butt checks were exposed until the top of the Speedos covered them. As I continued to trace in my mind further over my butt the sheet came back into contact with the grey Lycra but not for long as the Lycra of my Speedos traced around and under each cheek and dove down into the gap between my legs leaving another void under the sheet. I didn’t get to much further tracing in my mind down the back of my legs before the door opened and the masseuse walked in and started to straighten the sheet out over me.

After straightening the sheet out I felt the sheet get peeled back from my upper body and loosely folded onto the top of my Speedo covered butt and I could feel my heart racing now as this would be the first time the masseuse would have caught a glimpse of my Speedos and I knew that because I couldn’t feel any part of the sheet touching my skin about the waist band of my Speedos so I knew now that my bare back and the bare tops of my butt cheeks were now fully on display.

bw-stock-photo-2-1024x682 CUT

As the masseuse began the massage I tried to stop thinking and just enjoy the moment and I was doing pretty well emptying my mind and then they positioned themselves just above my head and started the long strokes down the length of my back. After a couple of shorter strokes I could feel that they were getting closer and closer to the tops of my partly exposed butt cheeks and I could feel my heart starting to race and all of my senses were heightened and as I lay there I was almost holding my breathe as I wasn’t sure how long these strokes would be.

I wasn’t holding my breathe long as it was only another couple of laps down my back the I felt the masseuse’s fingers continue over the top of my butt checks and apply a little bit of pressure to dip them under the waist band of the Lycra of my Speedos.

It was an absolutely amazing feeling to have these hands all oiled up moving under  the waist band of my Speedos and feeling of the Lycra give and move with them against my bare butt. I could have laid there for the full massage just with the masseuse running their hands down the length of my back before heading over my butt disappearing under the waist band of my Speedos before moving underneath the Lycra outwards over each check before reappearing and starting the return journey up my sides.


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