Back to Bondi

Well all of my compression tights and Lycra base layers are all packed ready to head off for what will hopefully be an awesome week of boarding and Apre Ski!

The grey Nike Pro tights that I wore a lot on vacation last month have definitely made it in and you might be surprised but I have only packed one pair of swimmers and the lucky pair are my Eyeline branded navy Bondi which I’ve had since about 2009 when I spent some time on the famous beach and picked up in a local surf shop the weekend before I left.

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Even though I have had them for so long they still had their tags on them until a year or so ago and I would only try them on every now and then in front of the mirror. I can’t remember what made me take the tags off and actually go swimming in them but I’m certainly glad now that they have made it into my swimming bag.

I usually take about a pair for everyday away with me and on last months trip I packed these, 2 pairs of ca-rio-ca trunks, a couple of pairs of AussieBums and my black pair of Rip Curl swimmers with the RipCurl logo across the bum. I did give all of them an outing over the duration of the trip but I always gravitated back to the Bondi pair.


Since getting back into the pool I have basically only been wearing these, everyday and they haven’t lost any of their appeal so I might have to try and not wear them as much when I get back from my boarding trip or they might be thread bare in a months time.

One of the main things I really enjoy about these and what has made them my staple pair of trunks since getting back is, the navy fabric goes dark and has a really awesome look when they get wet. When I was in the hot tub a couple of times by myself in these I would lay back and push my hips up so that the front of them were just coming out of the water and I never got tired of the navy Lycra and the water soaking into the wet navy fabric stretched across my front.

The other really cool thing I like is the view from behind and the combination of the navy Lycra with the white Logo against the navy I think really looks great as it stretches across my butt. Of course this is not a view I can look at all the time but I think this view is best when getting out of the water. The bathroom I had in the last hotel I was in before heading back to the UK had a large mirror across from the shower and I must admit that I wore these in the shower and really enjoyed the view looking back over my shoulder into the mirror as I washed myself in these.

Bondi Speedos

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