Rob’s Lycra compression top was so tight it looked painted on……

After we set sail it wasn’t long at all to get into the holiday mood with the first full day on the ship being the only day I was up way before I needed to be. That day I was wide awake well before I needed to be and had plenty of time before I needed to head to the gym session which I booked so I headed over to the cupboards to grab some work out gear. I decided I would wear my new Nike Pro Grey Tights and a black running top which after putting them both on realized that the t-shirt was not as long as I had remembered and only came just below the waist band of the compression tights so I was now going to be rather exposed if the sweat made the fabric a little see through or I got a little excited in them. After changing I headed out onto the balcony with some juice and decided to get to some of the emails that I didn’t get to before leaving the UK knocked off.

I must have got so engrossed in my emails but after a while I suddenly saw some movement out of the corner of my eye and as I turned my eyes were greeted with Joshua coming out of the door onto the balcony.

This was the first I had really seen of him since I had left for the safety drill yesterday as I had rushed in to change and headed for the pool and then came in for a shower and headed straight down to dinner and when I returned from that the bed had been turned down. Needless to say I had mixed feelings after I came back and found everything unpacked, so after a bit of small talk I thought for my own sake I needed to mention it as I didn’t know whether he had ever seen that much Lycra in one guy’s luggage or not.

I still was under the assumption that he was the one that had unpacked everything so I thought the best approach would be to go with that and work from there so I started the conversation by thanking him for unpacking my bags and mentioned that if I’d realised that was the case I would have packed everything up a bit more organised.

Joshua was very professional and polite in his response which didn’t give anything away as to whether he was shocked as to how much Lycra gear I had in my bag but at least it had helped clear the air in my mind.

Once Joshua had left I managed to get through another couple of emails before I headed down to the gym to meet up with the personal trainer that I’d be training with whilst on board. Once I left my room I had a few levels to navigate before getting to the gym so it was quite interesting to walk through the ship and watch the faces of people as they passed and inevitably there were quite a few eyes that couldn’t help but go south.

As I approached the gym my mind started to think of the training session ahead and as this was the first time I had worked out in these grey tights (since buying then in the U.S. a month ago) whether my trainer would be a fan of my choice of attire which might have a life of it’s own when I started to sweat.

I walked up to the reception desk to let them know I was there and within a minute of being there all of the questions in my head disappeared as I saw my personal trainer approaching wearing a black Lycra compression top which looked like it had been spray painted on.

black compression top CUTThe trainer introduced himself as Rob and was eastern European, well over 6ft defined and if at any stage I was going to question his programme whilst I trained with him, he certain was the poster guy for a life of sweat and tears in the gym.

As we headed off into the gym and got started with the warm up I kept catching myself looking a little too long a Rob’s top as it moved with his torso and over the duration of the warm up I managed to map in my head the length of his upper body and by the time we were about to get fully into the circuits part of the session I was mesmerised by how tightly the Lycra top clung around his waist and stretched across his lower abs before disappearing under the waistband of the black sweatpants.

Compression Waist CUTOver the course of the session Rob’s programme was hard and I certainly worked up a sweat and it wasn’t until I started to cool down and stretch that I really had time to think about whether my grey Lycra tights were showing the results of my workout or not.

Stretching my legs out gave the best point of view to see how the tights had reacted and whilst most of the Lycra under the waistband and across my groin was now quite dark after soaking up the sweat, luckily it had not gone see thru but it certainly was a glossier finish which highlighted what lay beneath the material.
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