Love affair with running tights

If this last fortnight is anything to go by 2016 is shaping up to be one hell of a postively year for me so I hope you’ve had a similar start.

The downside with a few of my other projects taking off is I haven’t managed as much time to blog as I would have hoped but I’ve managed to get all of the pics uploaded in the Just another … blogpost, post about having Joshua unpack my Lycra when I first boarded the ship and a second blogpost about the first training session with Rob the trainer I worked out with whilst I was on the cruise.

I hoped you enjoyed the Just Another … post, as I know I enjoyed doing it as it gave me a chance to wear and experience some old Lycra favourites that had been forgotten as I had brought new gear. I must be honest with you though the original purpose of it was to stop me buying any more Lycra for the duration of the exercise, I did have some moments of weakness and brought one or two new pairs of Speedos.

Surpisingly though after buying a couple of new pairs of compression tights whilst in the U.S in November I have managed to buy over 10 new pairs of running tights and can’t get enought of the ones on offer from Nike, Asic, Puma, Helly Hansen to mention a few. I even whilst on a lunch time visit to a store went a little Lycra crazy for a pair on a mannequin and ended up walking out with 2 new pairs.

Luckily I am going to be heading off on the annual ski trip in a couple of weeks so with all of my new purchases I am going to have more than enough pairs to leave some at home and have a new pair to wear everyday under my ski gear.

Compression Montage

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