He unpacked all of my Lycra….

Well it was great to leave work behind and jump on the flight to start the Christmas holidays. The weather in the UK was typically grey and damp so knowing that I had packed a great selection of AussieBum, Speedo and other suits and the temperature was climbing the more south we flew helped me get into the holiday mood. After getting through customs and getting into the taxi to head to meet the ship I was ready to check out one of the many pools I will have at my disposal over the next few days. 

This part of the holiday was definitely a deal that I could hardly refuse and one I thought too good to be true when it landed in my inbox a couple of weeks back, so I have been pinching myself a little bit and also all day I have been expecting there to be a catch or thinking I had not read the email correctly so after going through all of the check in procedures and walking up the gangway I was a little nervous to see what I had got myself in for.

Once I had handed over the key card I had been given at the check-in desk to the guy checking passengers on board he motioned over to a porter who promptly came over and as my key card was handed back introduced himself then offered to take my laptop bag and coat. After I handed him my laptop bag we set off and after climbing up through the ship we arrived at the door to my new home whilst on board and I thought this is the moment of truth.

What lay beyond this door was just simply impressive and almost twice the size of the place I had left in London and that wasn’t even including the balcony, I just wanted to run around the place and check it out but I felt like I had to keep cool and act like this is the usual way I travel. Just as the porter was starting to place my laptop bag down on the hall table just inside the entrance the door opened and in walked another staff member who introduced himself as Joshua.

Joshua gave me a run down off where everything was and said that the rest of my things would be up shortly but would all be in place by the time I got back from the safety drill which was happening in about a half an hour so I thought the blue Speedos I had packed in my laptop bag would have to wait until after the safety briefing.

I headed out to do a recon of the gym and the main pool area which was at this point pretty empty, but I assumed was most likely due to the other guests being in the same boat as myself with the looming safety drill.

After the safety briefing was over I headed straight back to get to change into my Speedos and head down to the pool area as I had a couple of hours before my dinner reservation. As I walked in I had the biggest smile on my face as I was still in disbelieve that I had this all to myself. I headed straight over to my laptop bag and the side pocket and pulled out the pair of Blue Speedos that I had grabbed out of my swimming bag as I rushed out of the house.

Once I had these I headed through to the bedroom and was expecting to see my bags but didn’t see them anywhere. I was hoping to be able to put some shorts on to walk down to the pool but with no bags I thought I’d check the bathroom for a robe or something else to use to get me through the ship to the main pool area.

Once I headed into the bathroom I instantly noticed my wet bag and some of the loose toiletries that I had packed on the counter top which stopped me in my tracks. After another scan of the bathroom I noticed that it was what I had thought and these were my things so my next thought was where the rest of it was so I double backed into the bedroom again and this time noticed a couple of books that I had packed on the table next to the bed. I headed over the wall of cupboards and opened a door to find my suits and shirts all hanging neatly and my bags placed up on the top shelf above them and as I continued to go through the remaining cupboards and draws I continued to find my clothes neatly folded or hung. I was amazed as I don’t think my clothes have every been treated this well.

All of a sudden the thought of how many pairs of Speedos, AussieBums, Lycra running tights and other Lycra goodies I had packed crossed my mind and then assuming Joshua was the one that unpacked everything I thought it was probably lucky that I wasn’t there when the bags had turned up as the embarrassment or guilty look would have been showing all over my face.

As I started to change out of my clothes and continued to change into my Speedos I could not get the thought and pictures of Joshua finding all of my Lycra out of my head.


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