American Lycra

So it’s been a bit of a packed couple of weeks with a trip to the US and a few big deadlines so I’m a bit behind with posting, but your be please to know there are a few things in the draft stage and still in my head that I will be publishing over the coming weeks.

Before I went to the US I came across a photo one night which made me think of a pair of Quicksilver Speedo style swimmers that I had about 10 years ago and so I thought I would do a quick search to see what their latest offering was like. After a bit of a searching I found some RipCurl swimmers which looked absolutely amazing in the pictures so I went a little crazy and my credit card got a pre trip hammering and I ended up ordering the midcuts below and then a pair of the swim briefs in every colour.

RipCurl Briefs

Rip Curl SluggosRipCurl Indigo Midcut

So back to my trip to the US, I was really looking forward to getting back there as it has been a couple of years since my last trip. It was going to be a trip mixed with business and pleasure, but regardless I didn’t forget to pack a pair of Speedos just in case an opportunity arose.

The first morning was quite relaxed as the flight got in quite late, so we just headed around the corner from the apartment to get brunch. After a very filling breakfast I think some of the gang must of felt like a walk through the park next to where we were staying, so we headed across to the park which turned out to be really big one and it wasn’t long before we came across the road that ran around the park and after walking along this for a little it the first group of Lycra clad cyclists went past us.

Over the course of the trip we had a couple of the trips into the park and I was interested to see if the locals were into their Lycra and whether they were confident in wearing it without the need for loose shorts or clothing. The one thing I did notice with the cyclist that we saw in the park was they were all in matching team’s or manufacturer’s kit which don’t get me wrong you see here in the UK, but the percentage of cyclist that hit the roads here in full matching kit is lower. On the cycling jersey front I think there isn’t much difference between the two sides of the pond but I think where the difference come is the bibs and knicks and where our American cousins will match their bibs or knicks to the jersey what ever colour, here in the UK the basic black bibs or knicks are a staple choice for the majority of the cyclists.

2015-11-06 09.35.54Prospect-Park-Brooklyn-running-cycling


There were a couple of guys out running in the park in Lycra running tights or shorts with no shorts covering them, but the only time I did see the without shorts over the top was in the park. Here in the UK you can see guys running down the streets just in running tights or shorts but from what I saw our American cousins wear them as base layers so I saw a lot of Lycra covered calves around the city.

I also couldn’t resist stopping into a few sports shorts to see what the Lycra selection was on offer and picked up a could of pairs of Nike Pro tights and whilst these are going to be coming with me on my snowboarding trip in Feb you can rest assure I will be out on the streets of London with just these and no shorts over them in the coming months.
2015-11-09 23.14.59

Finally before publishing this blog I couldn’t finish it without telling you about the little surprise that I found in our living room on returning from the US.

One of my flatmates who moved in a couple of years ago had left his football kit out on the airer and although this doesn’t sound anything out the ordinary and it’s something that he and his girlfriend do regularly this time was different. Usually it is mainly boxer shorts and Tshirts that hang in the living room but this time his full football kit including ankle supports, shorts and shirt but the most interesting part for me was his Sondico Lycra shorts and Lycra top.

Luckily for me when I got home from the office the day that I found them I was they only one home and I knew that no one else was going to be home for a while so I was able to have a closer look at them.



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