Some old favourites

Happy Halloween!

It was like Christmas for me a I received a nice little Halloween present this morning in the post from Sluggers so will have some extra motivation now to get down to the pool in the momring for my laps.

2015-10-31 10.53.43

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might realise that these were another impulsive purchase that has prompted me to work through my lycra collection to try and give my creditcard a rest. It has worked on many occassions but I have to admit that after receiving an email about a sale on cycling kit and after seeing one of the bib tights on sale on another cyclist that morning I couldn’t resist and ordered some cycling gear.

I’ve found it quite interesting to work through my collection as I’ve found things that I had forgotten about like the blue camo thong and the black RipCurl swimmers with the logo across the bum. The other interesting thing is the way they feel under my suit as they sit lower than the waist band of the my suit trousers. The other day when I wore the blue camo thong to work under my suit I found myself focussing on how the suit material felt against the skin that was now free with just enouch Lycra to keep the pouch at the front tight as it strained to keep everything in place.

I am also very concious to make sure of changing into them after cycling to work and having a shower, so I try and made sure I have them on under my suit trousers before coming out of the shower cubicle. The morning though of the day I wore the blue Speedos I arrived at work earlier than usual and was pretty confident that there would be no one in for a while so after my shower I was standing there in front of the mirror doing my hair in my suit trousers which were mainly resting on my hips so the front was gapping open revealing the front bit of the blue Speedos and the white Speedo Logo was definitely visible and I am not sure who was more shocked the facilites guy that  walked in or myseld but as I looked his way I could see his eyes get draw to the bright blue Lycra under my trousers.

2015-10-31 15.55.32

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