3/4 Running tights

Last week I managed to get down to the rowing club and as per usual on Saturdays all the squads were down and it was a sea of rowing Lycra. As I’m not in any of the main squads the boat was made up of newbies who are working their way up through the system that didn’t get a seat in any of the other boats and people like myself that have rowed years ago but don’t do it as regularly now.

Since I rowed in one of the main squads the faces have changed so much that these days I feel like a newbie myself despite being at the club for over a decade. Even though 99% of the people at the club on days like this are in Lycra you can tell the people that have rowed for a while and those that are new to rowing and yet to accumulate rowing kit.

Cropped gimp2

As we came out of the club house I noticed one of the guys in what looked like running Lycra gear and being that he basically was kitted out on in all black he really stood out in the colourful sea of rowing Lycra heading down the stairs. At this stage I wasn’t sure of who was actually in my boat, but by the look of him I would have placed him in one of the main squads.

After the usual faffing around the crews started to get out on the river and I knew we were always going to be one of / if not the last crews to push off so that meant a bit of standing around for us. As the squads started to disappear I noticed that the guy in the black running gear remained and going to be in the boat I was in.

As we stood around and chatted about the outing he was standing across the huddle from me which allowed a great front view and as I stood there I tried to listen to the chat by I was a little distracted by this guy in hit gear. As my eyes moved from ground up his shins and calves the running tights looked quite new and they were definitely a great snug fit. My eyes continues up and as the black Lycra stretched tightly around his thighs there was very little in to distract the eye but the seams, a few little silvers dots and a logo.

As my eyes continued up to the his groin the Lycra stretched and relaxed as his running tights formed a very rounded pouch that contained his bulge which stood out against his flat pubic bone and lower abs.

After my eyes lingered for a while I started to trace the Lycra as it stretched further up his abs the view was interrupted by the bottom of his top which was quite fitted but still loose against the tight running tights it was now starting to hide.

The top was the matching ASICs top to the tights and together they wrapped to around his body to and moved with him as we got the boat ready to push off. I was on stroke side and he was the next stroke side position behind me so whilst I wouldn’t get a change to watch the Lycra at work while we rowed when we got hands on the boat and lifted it over our heads his top lifted up a which gave me a great view of the Lycra as it stretched across his butt and then relaxed as his waist tapered in.

Puma Both View

After the outing with the running tights the imagines stayed with me all day and I even did a bit of online shopping later to find them as well I thought they must have been quite comfortable and feel nice against the skin.

Asic Front

I’m not sure if it is the weather or not but on my way to work on Monday I also saw a cyclists and a runner wearing either ¾ running tights or Lycra Bib knickers and the images of Saturday’s rowing experience flooded back to me and later that night when I got home I dug out my ¾ Castelli bibs. The next day as I rode into work and as I cycled in I was just enjoying the feeling of them and hope the cyclist behind me were getting a good view.

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