I had a clear out of my cycling Lycra draw last month and there was a pair of light blue DHB bib shorts that I wasn’t 100% sure about getting rid of as although I couldn’t wear them into the office as they were just to revealing and I would have had to have my helmet strategically place I did enjoy wearing them when I was out on the weekends.

I did decide to part with them but recently I have been seeing other cyclists in and now I am starting to miss not being able to slip them on so I might have to get myself a new pair.

Blue DHB Shorts 1

The other reason I think that made me not sure about getting rid of them was that there was a guy that would swim at the local pool in a pair of Nike Jammers that were about the same colour and a couple of times even when Mike was down swimming the timing worked out that he was in the opposite cubicle to me and watching the blue Lycra under the shower after watching it glide through the water was just awesome.

Blue DHB Shorts 2

Maybe I could get a pair for Mike for his secret santa and see if I can get him out of his basic black jammers.

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