Autumn week…

Well things are starting to get back to normal this week after the big swim but what a busy week it’s been. Monday night I was out to a friends show case / exhibition after work which was a fun night out.

On Tuesday I had a day full of meetings and a night at home to catch up on some admin but a pretty straight forward day which allowed me to put the cycling gear on without having to pack a couple of changes of clothes.

Thankfully the sun was out Tuesday morning when I stepped out of the door which was lucky as I had just grabbed some bib shorts and cycling jersey and headed out the door. I set out for the river and thought after I crossed over I would take the route up past Big Ben and Nelson’s Column.

The ride was pretty uneventful until I pulled up to the traffic lights between Westminster Abbey and the houses of Parliament I noticed a red cycling jersey and a tight pair of black bib shorts that I had seen going around Parliament Square some months ago. Back then though that encounter lasted only a minute or so and I got a little bit of footage on my GoPro, but I never posted it on my Tumblr page as for most of the footage the sun really cancelled out what an amazing sight this cyclist cut in his Pearl Izumi bib shorts and red cycling jersey.

As I rolled into the lights this week how ever he was leaning forward on his handle bars which really stretched his glutes out and the line of the black Lycra that run up the back of his legs and over his butt checks was just amazing and being that they were a pair of plain black the eye wasn’t interrupted by colours or designs but these Pearl Izumi bib shorts looked like they were custom made for this guy and looked almost painted on.

As my eyes followed the Lycra bib shorts up over his butt and as it started to stretch up under his jersey and his lower back there was no sign of the Lycra loosening it’s contact with his skin as he had a really toned small  waist and the bib shorts just didn’t ripple or sag at any point and only accentuated the lines of this cyclists body underneath.

As my eyes continued up the black Lycra of his bib shorts disappeared under his plain red cycling jersey, I then noticed that his cycling jersey was not holding on as tightly as the Lycra but it wasn’t long until his lat muscles started to flare out that the jersey fabric had no choice but to stretch out across his back which then revealed the out line of the straps of his bib shorts as they continue to hug his back before separating and disappearing over his shoulders.

It wasn’t long before I was snapped back to reality by the green light and we were off and as we took off I was hoping that my GoPro was recording this view of him cycling in front of me which was nothing less that amazing. As we headed off around Parliament Square I knew I had to drink this in as the last time and this time I knew that he would continue up towards Big Ben when I needed to turn left.

In the minute that we had riding around Parliament Square I was just admiring the simplistic design of his kit and was just enjoyed watching the his Lycra move with his body as he pedalled.

Unfortunately my GoPro had stopped recording before I meet up with him that morning so below are a few still frames from the original short video I capture one our first encounter many months before.

ed Westminster

Wednesday was another reasonably simple day in the office and back home so I didn’t have to pack much but I set off with the memory card in the Go Pro completely empty and took the same route as yesterday which everything crossed that I might meet the Pearl Izumi cyclist in Westminster again.

This morning was definitely chiller then yesterday so I had fished out my long Mavic bib tights for this mornings ride and they were feeling amazing as I set off towards Westminster.

As I approached The Oval I was sitting behind a guy wearing some DHB bibs which I managed to capture for you on the“>GoPro

footage and whilst watching the sun play on his Lycra clad legs and bum there was more in Westminster waiting for me.

After turning along the north side of the Thames and heading towards Big Ben my eyes were scanning the cyclists as I went in the hope of seeing the Pearl Izumi guy but as I started to turn into Parliament Square the window of road that I could have seen him was disappearing with every roll of the tyre.

After turning into Parliament Square next to Westminster Abbey my eyes had spotted a pair of rather long Lycra clad legs cycling away and instantly the disappointment of not seeing the cyclist from yesterday disappeared as I cycled closer to this guy as he balanced his way slowly forward behind some cars that were just taking off from the line after the lights had turned green.

Having the cars slowly moving away gave me a good opportunity to get closer and let the GoPro get a good view, but as I got closer it was obvious that this guy long legs but the black Lycra bib tights just accentuated the legs and I was just going to enjoy lines they his cycling kit was creating on his body.

Legs 11 9

As we rounded the next corner of Parliament Square and was heading up towards Big Ben which shielded us from the sun, as we pedalled along the sun broke through from behind Big Ben and created some really good silhouettes of this cyclists Lycra clad legs and then even when it was just reflecting off the black Lycra it just gave off a bit of a magical appearance.

We both peeled off to the left and as we came around the corner and started to head up towards Trafalgar square we didn’t get very far before we had to stop for a red light. As we pulled up to the red lights I was trying to stay alert so I could go on green with him, but as I stopped and he edged up next to me all of my birthdays came at once as he started to balance on his pedals next to me which meant his core and all his muscles were engaged and flexing and playing underneath his Lycra bib tights.

I could have stayed there all day watching his legs in those bib tights as he rocked his balance back and forward, but unfortunately I knew the green light had other ideas so I had to stay alert and ready to go on green to stay with those tights. We went on green and a bit further up the road he turned off to the right and so I  continued up past Nelson’s Column and work beyond.

I pulled into work and headed for the bike shed locking up the bike before heading across the road to get my coffee. As I stood in my cycling gear in line waiting to order I became very aware of how my Mavic bib tights were feeling and how around my groin and bulge they were such a great fit and even though I had been replaying the last couple of rides through Parliament Square through my mind the sensation of the Lycra against my bare skin was getting to much and I was getting rather uncontrollably excited.

I’m not sure if it was the fact I was standing there in such a normal setting or whether the two great views I had been running through my mind but here I was now seemingly transported back to my teenage years when I couldn’t control the excitement and it was on it’s own timetable now.

I was fine for the moment as I was facing the counter but the counter was not going to continue and I still had to walk back and through the office like this.

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