Weekend of the big swim..

It’s been a couple of weeks between blog posts as the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur with the lead up to the big swim I’ve been training for most of the year and then the week after the swim for me was a total write off as I come down from the buzz of the event and enjoy a little break from the training schedule I’ve had. That aside I did want to blog about a couple of Lycra Speedo moments that happened on the weekend of the swim.

So about a dozen of us packed the cars up and headed to the south west coast as we had hired out a really nice old house on top of hill that had a view over the ocean with a path down the cliff to the ocean. Some years we do this a couple of times a year but this trip was purely to coincide with Mike and I doing our first big open water swim. I was the last one to roll down the drive way to our west coast crash pad after the drive down from London after work.

After a few hours of drinking with the gang in The Great Hall I headed up to my room to unpack my bag. I hadn’t really thought much beyond the big swim so I had mainly focused on packing my wetsuit with two pairs of googles, a few pairs of Speedos and gels and almost two of everything and the rest of it was just grabbed last minute and thrown in the car. I unpacked my kit bag and laid the contents out to make sure everything was there and then went to bed.

The next morning after breakfast the plan was to head into the local village to find a pub, to watch the rugby and get supplies for dinner that night. I’m not sure what the original plan was but whilst I was sitting having a coffee in the kitchen with Mike and his girlfriend Bailey (before the majority of people had woken up) we were all a little surprised as Tim had walked in from outside saying he had already been for an early morning walk down to the beach at the bottom of the cliff. During breakfast Tim convinced everyone that we should walk into the village via the coastal path and it wasn’t until I was about to head out the door that people were talking about taking their swimmers for a quick dip as well.

I dashed up to my room and quickly put a pair of my AussieBum Speedos into the back pocket of my jeans and grabbed a travel towel and headed out the door. We all headed down the cliff which lead down to a cove with a pebbled beach and hung out for a while and whilst the girls were happy to sit and watch the guys skimming stones no one was making a move to go for a swim.

After a while people were just hanging around and no one had actually gone for a swim so I decided that if we were going to be chilling out for a while I might as well go for a swim and at least feel what the water was going to be like for the swim the next day. Without saying anything I walked back towards the path and as I the girls were all sitting in a line facing out towards the ocean I thought once I was a metre or two behind them it was be a good a place as any to get changed under my towel.

I pulled the travel towel that I had purchased one lunch time earlier that week out and was a little surprised that it wasn’t as big as I actually thought it was so there was absolutely no point in trying to wrap it around my waist to change under so there was no other option but to face away from the ocean and change into my Speedos.

I undid the buttons on my 501s and started to take them and my boxer shorts off when I heard a bit of commotion from one of the girls who had turned around in my direction just at the right time to catch a view of my naked bottom half as I threw my jeans and boxers onto my shoes and started to get my Aussiebums ready to step into.

Well that was it, like an empty dance floor early on a night out it only takes one to take the first step and a minute or two later most of the other guys started to head behind the line of girls to change, but unlike my schoolboy error with my towel the others were able to change under their towels.

I had been to the beach on previous times with the majority of the guys so I knew that they would have either loose sports shorts or long board shorts on including Mike as I know he and Tim only wear Speedo jammers doing laps but board shorts every other time. The only guy I couldn’t predict was Liam as this was the first time he had been with us on one of these holidays and as he is European and not shy to strut around in his cycling lycra, I wasn’t sure if he might go a Lycra swimmers or not.

Well to my dissappointment Liam also went with the loose style swimmers so out of the seven guys that did go for a swim five were in shorts, myself in the my Aussiebums and then Mike ended up surprising me (I’m not sure whether it was because he packed like I did on this trip or not) but being one of the last guys to get changed it was great to see him striding down past the girls towards the water in his Speedo jammers.


After swimming for a while the guys started to gradual wander out of the water onto the waters edge and whilst we were all sort of standing chatting around the waters edge a few of the girls got us to pose for a few group shots. Looking back on them now my Aussiebums could not have stood out more in the group shots namely as I was wearing the Forest Green Classic style but from Mikes jammers to all of the long shorts the colour palette did not stray very far from black.

As time was ticking it wasn’t long before we all headed back to our towels, clothes and changed back into our clothes but whilst doing so I was a bit surprised after Liam had changed he said that I was started to sell him on Speedos which I thought was an out of the blue comment as I hadn’t talked about or mentioned anything about my Speedos but if he brought them up I wasn’t going to shy away from telling him how different they feel to board shorts in the water.

The rest of that day was rather non eventful with a walk into the local village, some cricket on the lawn back at the house and finished off with Bailey cooking us a great pasta dish that evening.

The following morning the it was Tim, Mike, Bailey and I that were the early risers and whilst Tim helped Bailey get breakfast on for everyone else Mike and prepared our own inidvidual breakfasts and got ourselves prepared for the swim ahead. Today for us was all about all of the miles in the pool over the summer months and what we had been working for since we signed up for this swim almost a year ago.

The hours ticked by and before long we were down in the carpark of the event and the nervous anticipation apparently was very evident according to the rest of the group. As we walked off into town to get some coffee we passed a few cars that had their tailgates opened with someone in the back either in Speedos or jammers putting a wetsuit on, so there was a lot of Speedo candy about. I even heard a few of the girls even make a few comments about a couple of the Speedo clad guys as they walked along.

Within an hour of being there and after a last minute check of the course map the race briefing and start was approaching and it was time to get our westuit and gear ready to head over to the start. We headed over to one of the cars which was going to be our tailgate changing room and whilst most of the group headed over to the river bank to get a spot for the start there was a few that came with us.

I’ve changed many times in the carparks before but what struck me a bit on this occassion was that a when Mike and I headed over to the back of the car we had a few of the group come over to mill around whilst I stripped down to my AussieBum Speedo and Mike to his Speeod jammers. I’m not sure if Mike felt it as well but by the time I sat on the bumper of the car just in my Speedos ready to start to get my wetsuit on I had the feeling there wasn’t much chatting going on amongst those watching us getting changed and started to wonder if some of them had come over just to perv.

26C8C92400000578-3001647-Caught_with_his_pants_down_The_Rush_star_deftly_whipped_off_his_-m-26_1426730117233 cut

After getting ready in the carpark we said our goodbyes to the group and then it was just Mike, myself and another 100 or so wetsuit clad swimmers nervously eager to get in the water and on our way.

We were in the first wave to set off and it wasn’t long until the swimmers had spread out and we all got into our rythmns and settled into the 2-3 hour swim. We had great conditions on the day with blue skies and good water conditions but both Mike and I agreed the last 1-2 kilometres were the toughest as the end just always seemed to be continually out of reach.

Once we did finally finish there was a country fair/festival sort of setup up with a changing tent and next to them a couple of big old oak barrel style hottubs that were being put to great use. We headed over to hottubs and got out of our wetsuits and manged to find a couple of spots in one. As we sat there bubbling away I’m not sure whether it was the buzz off completing the swim but I was in seven heaven as this was a Speedo filled hottub with a group of guys and girls in an array of tri suits, jammers, midcut and even one more pair of Speedo brief swimmers.


We were in the hotub for about 5-10mins and a couple of minutes before we got out a couple of the people next to Mike got out and were replaced by some others but in the change over Mike had shifted his weight and moved sligthly so for the last couple of minutes in the hotub I had Mikes’ lycra covered thigh resting against my bare leg and all of my attention was now diverted to that little patch of skin on my leg that was now in contact with his Speedo jammers.

I couldn’t believe this as there have been many times over the summer when Mike had just gotten out of the water and the sight of the wet lycra stretched across his body, was so good that I just wanted to reach out and touch it and now here I was feeling the wet Lycra of his Speedo jammers stretched across his leg touching me.

As we sat there in the hottub Mike spotted some of the group walking across the field with our bags so he jumped out and grabbed their attention which allowed me a moment to compose myself before getting out and heading over to where the group had settled.

After chatting for a little while people started to head off to get some food and drink and I found myself looking after the bags as I finished getting dressed. Whilst I was there packing my wetsuit and gear back into my bag my attention was drawn to the group next to us who had a couple of swimmers that had already changed but one of them was still just in his jammers.

What grabbed my attention though was how the Lycra of his Speedo jammers was tight and a really good fit on him but as it moved across his hips from the front across over his hips and side, it then started across his butt cheeks it lost contact with his skin as it hit the dimples in the side of his toned butt. I was captivated as he moved as the in certain positions the jammers were stretched tightly across his body, but then as he would move or clench it would all of a sudden lose contact with his skin and ripple loosely as it stretched across the void until it tightened up as it came back in contact with his skin.

As I sat down on the grass and put my shoes on I had the best view as I watched this guy move around his group of friends and watch the Lycra in his Speedo Jammers stretch, relax and strain in and effort to hold on to his body.


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