Just add water……

Just back from my Sunday morning training swim at the local Lido and now to tell you about the Lycra candy that was down there yesterday when Mike and I were putting our laps in.

We had been swimming for about an hour and the pool was extremely quiet compared to last Saturday when there was a 30 minute queue just to get into the Lido. Just before the clock struck 10 the groups starting to come in and the first main group had local swim club & Bondi Icebergs swim caps on and one guy in the group was even sporting his Scottish flag Speedos which was great to see going up and down the pool.

A little later on the Windrush Triathlon club arrived from what I assumed was post cycle and run training. There were an array of jammers, midcuts and one or two briefs in the group but the one common thread was they were all safe basic black or navy. As I was coming into the swallow end of the pool I was able to grab some quick glimpses of the array of Speedos and it was great to see them on fit lean bodies.


After a few more laps I stopped for a quick breather and whilst some of the Tri club had jumped into the pool there was still quite a few of them chatting on the side. Whilst I was standing there my gaze fixed onto one of the guys who was wearing a pair of black Speedo Briefs and was tall enough that even standing in the pool at the shallow end the water was just lapping at this legs and had not even wet his Speedos yet.

As I looked I was just thinking to myself what an amazing piece of clothing Speedos are, just like the bikini for women, they just seem to hug the body in just the right way whilst covering the important bits, but covering it in such a way to add a little something to what nature gave us.

It was great sitting resting there in the water as the sun had also made an appearance and the water was looking crystal clear and felt like we might have been in a pool in Spain instead of South London. As I was watching this guy in his Speedos in the lane next to me he finished chatting to his mates and pulled his googles into place and turned around set off down the lane which reminded me of the other amazing feature of Speedos.

After pulling his goggles into place he turned towards the other end of the pool and dived forward into the water and there was no way that his Speedos were going to escape getting wet now, but as they clung to his waist and followed him into the water I wasn’t prepared for the transformation that just adding water to these speedos would have.

As his upper body emerged from under the water and his arms started to stroke down then lane, his Speedos would also emerge soaking wet stretched across his butt and as the water formed a bit of a wake around his body as it pushed through the water the sunlight hit his now exposed wet Speedos and it really made the black Lycra simmer as his legs and butt kicked underneath.

tumblr_n0jcrrk6Nw1slely1o1_500 - Cut

Dry to WetAfter seeing this it felt like I had just discovered Speedos all over again and after setting off on another set of laps, I was lucky enough to get some glimpses of simmering Lycra butts emerging from the water as they turned and pushed off the wall.

tumblr_n3puqyPaj21sryxzwo1_500CutWet Speedo Montage







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