White Lycra at the pool

Last weekend Mike & I tried to get our weekend training times together but it didn’t quite work out as per usual so as I packed my bag on Saturday evening for Sunday mornings session I knew that he wasn’t going to be anywhere near the pool so I was a bit braver this weekend and packed a pair of yellow AussieBum trunks that are quite see through and I would never wear them when swimming with Mike. I wasn’t going to bother with my wetsuit either which meant that I could also go for a lighter colour.

Sunday morning’s alarm went off and as I cycled down I was wondering if the guy from the previous week in the blue logo speedos would be down as well. By the time I was locking my bike up outside the lido I couldn’t see any queues so I knew the weather and early start was going to keep the crowds away today.

I headed to get changed and even though there was no queue out front all but one or two lockers were used so I stashed my cycling shoes, helmet and bag and headed for the pool. I’d planned to get between 90 minutes and 2 hours in the pool today without the wetsuit so wasting no time and one deep breathe I headed down the pool for the first lap of many today.

As I clocked up lap after lap there wasn’t much Lycra candy to speak off so I was still hedging my bets on there being some amongst the late morning crowd towards the end of my session.

After about 30 minutes in the pool I stopped for a quick beather and rested for a bit in the shallow end of the pool. As I floated there I happened to glance in the directly of the door coming from reception and the change rooms as a couple of people came out and headed over to the cafe side of the pool. They were dressed in sporty gear and looked like they might have run down and were now going to hit the pool for some swim training.

At first I didn’t see any Lycra but as my eyes started to move back towards the pool I saw some something clinging to one of the guys legs and extending further down his leg towards his knees than his loose shorts went. I also saw the start of the 2XU logo so instantly knew what lay beneath those loose shorts. The really amazing thing that sparked my imagination was that they were the white Lycra ones.

My mind instantly cranked into processing what I was seeing and the fact that this guy has worn Lycra to a pool. I was trying to stay one step ahead of what was going to be happening next as I knew that it was going to be highly unlikely that he was going to rip off his loose shorts and swim just in this white 2XU compression (although that would have made all of my Lycra Christmases come at once).

I thought best case scenario he would take his t-shirt off and do his laps with his loose shorts on, which if that was the case I knew I might have to cut this session short to try and get in the shower area when he pulls those loose shorts down to reveal the wet white compression Lycra.

I lingered a little longer resting than I had planned but I certainly wasn’t going to miss what was about to happen next.

After a minute or so the guy took his t-shirt off and after folding that up and placing it next to his bag his hands moved back up and grabbed the waist band of his black loose shorts and without hesitation the were soon heading south and before I knew it this guy was now standing next to the pool just in a pair of white 2XU Lycra compression shorts.

From my angle as my eyes focused on the view that had just revealed itself, I could see how revealing the white Lycra really was. As my eyes moved up the side of his legs the muscle definition was really visible and looked great as the Lycra stretched around his thighs and then as his glutes started to stretch the Lycra out in a different direction they seemed to become ever more sheer.

The one thing that could not be ignored or missed as this guy stood confidently next to the pool was how little the white Lycra covered across his front and if anything the way the shadows were falling it was his bulge and you could tell that he was dressed to the left and was very blessed.


I was just amazed at how confidently this guy was just standing there with everything on show and all of the lack of Lycra candy early was now being erased and I was like a kid in a candy warehouse!

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next as I couldn’t see any other clothes for him to put on so I just continued to watch from the pool with anticipation that he was going to put a pair of googles on and jump in the pool.

I only had to wait about another minute before all of my hoping was dashed as he leant over to his bag and produced a wetsuit. At this point I knew that seeing these shorts wet in the pool was not going to happen so I had to take spend the time his white Lycra and my eyes hand left together before it disappeared under his wetsuit. I was very grateful to have witnessed the dry version and took in every second of this very rare Lycra moment.

Untitled white Lycra

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