First sighting of black running tights

Well it is always a bitter sweet moment when I spot my first pair of running tights running down the pavement as the bitter end of hope that another burst of summer is just around the corner but sweet Lycra candy and knowing that there will be more to come and over the dark gloomy months of winter ahead.

Last week as I was riding home I hadn’t capture anything to put up on my Cyclist Tumblr page and as I turned through Oval onto Camberwell New Rd I knew that home was not far away. Halfway down the road I was riding behind a couple of cyclist and the only Lycra in sight was what was on me so the intersection at the Green ahead was going to be the final chance to get some Lycra candy  but as I continued to cycle, up ahead on my side the road something caught my eye and I started to hope that my Go Pro was still recording so that I could not only replay what I saw in front of me in my head but I could replay in on screen and even upload it for you to see the Lycra candy that was striding confidently towards me.


It was going to be a short but sweet encounter so I knew that I would have drink it all in as quickly as I could as I a tried to slow down a little bit he continued at pace.

He was wearing a basic grey marble cotton t-shirt that you would wear out with jeans and as he ran you could see it flapping and moving against him but it was riding up high and his overall  appearance was that he had just got home from work grabbed his runners, tights and threw on the closest shirt he could find.

As my eyes watched and he got closer unlike the guy in the picture which was the closest I could find to the sight now in front of me I could see that below his cotton shirt which was being pushed up by the air as he ran he was wearing basic black pair of running tights and only a pair of running tights.

They weren’t a pair of compressions tights like I mainly run in these days but a pair of old school ones with no panelling / seams and maybe a logo on the ankle of hip. Being that they weren’t compression they had a really amazing flow and movement and as he strode towards me you could see his leg muscles twitch, stretch and relax with every stride.

As he got even closer my eyes were drawn away up his legs as the way that Lycra was lightly stretched down from the waist band was creating a nice pouch in which his bulge was being cradled.

As I watched it was very clear to the eye that he was wearing nothing under his tights and as the Lycra stretched up from between his legs it cradled him quite symmetrically, but as it moved a bit further up there was very little to the right side to keep the Lycra from resting against his pubic bone as he was definitely dressed to the left and his bulge was advancing across from his groin and resting on the top of his left leg.

It was very hypnotic to watch the Lycra move as his bulge bounced up and down with every stride.

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