Tri Guy in light blue Orca Jammers

More swimming and cycling this week and the Lycra highlight was on Tuesday night when I was doing my laps at Brockwell Lido. Mike was away again with work so I was doing my best to keep myself motivated and keep up the regular schedule alternating between the local indoor pool and some outdoor swimming. On Tuesday I was about half an hour into my training when I finished a set of laps and came to rest at the shallow end of the pool at the change room end of the pool and as I stood there in my maroon Aussiebum briefs I glanced around to see a guy walk out of the change room area and across to the pool. He was wearing a light blue loose pair of shorts so I didn’t take much notice of him as he continued across the paving to the side of the pool next to the lifeguard tower. As he was standing there he was less than a metre away from me just behind my right shoulder and after about 30 seconds or so of him just standing there I turned to look to see what he was doing as I wasn’t sure if he was waiting for me to set off or shuffle over so he could have some more room to get into the pool.

Well it was one of the most perfectly timed glances I have ever made because as I turned to look up in his direction in one swift moment he had brought both of his hands up to the waist band of his loose blue shorts and without any hesitation whipped the shorts down to reveal a pair of Orca Triathlon jammers in the same light blue colour as his loose shorts and in that one moment my heart started to race and I wanted to applaud and high five him for what I had just seen.

After he had bent down to step out of his loose shorts and folded them up putting them with the rest of his gear which was now on the pavement next to the life guard tower. He stood up and was still facing my direction whilst he adjusted the strap on his googles. I was trying to work out why he had been wearing the loose shorts over his jammers and could only think that he must of run down to the pool like this and now was ready for his swimming portion of todays workout.

As my eyes moved up his legs from my vantage point I was really loving the way that the colour of the Lycra was looking over his legs and as my eyes reached his groin area the light blue Lycra stretched out to cover his bulge and the light colour really helped to define his bulge and it was quite clear that he was dressed to the right today and I was really hoping at this point that he was going to get into my lane so that I could get some more great views of him as we passed each other as we did our laps.

orca blueI had been resting for a mimute or so by this point and took off to start another set up laps, but now I had some great images playing through my head to keep me from getting bored as I swam lap after lap. After the first 50 meters I turned and was now heading back towards the swallow end of the pool and as I was in the last 10-15 meters of this lap I started to try and look forward to see if I could see where the blue jammer guy had gone and luckily as I approached the wall I could see that he was walking back across the pavement towards the two outdoor showers.

As I approached the end of this lap I really wanted to have another rest at this end of the pool and try to watch this guy get under the shower head and watch as the Lycra of his jammers got wet and started to cling tighter against his skin.

I decided however if I did a quick lap again I might be able to get 100mtrs done and back here as he finished and then I could watch as he walked back across the pavement.

As I turned after 50 meters I had a quick look and he was still under the shower head so I set off at pace to get this next 50 meters done and then I would catch my breathe hopefully to see the wet blue Lycra come across the pavement and hop into the pool.

As I got within the last bit of the lap I could still see that he was under the shower head so thought I’d definitely get to the wall in time. As I reached out towards the wall I stayed on the right side of the lane and stood up next to the lane rope but instead of standing up an resting against the wall I decided to rest side on to the pool and the lane rope. As the pool was shallow at this end my AussieBums were now out of the water as I stood there and I was hoping that I wouldn’t get to excited with what I was about to watch or else I would have to sit down in the water which was not going to give me the perfect view.

Within less than a minute of resting at the end of the pool the shower was turned off and coming in my direction were a pair of wet light blue Orca Tri jammers. The Lycra was soaked and was now clinging to his skin and the stitching detail and Orca logo on the legs were now more prominent.

As he crossed the payment the wet blue Lycra had a real shine to it and the cycling pad sewn into the jammers was now very prominent and as well as the outline of his bulge. It was amazing to watch how the wet Lycra was clinging to this hips and thighs before letting go to cross the void and then clinging on tightly to his bulge.

6379016893_b6e3ea5401_b (1)

As he got into within about a meter of the side of the pool he started to call to a guy that had his back to him in the lane next to me and after he finally got his attention he stood above this guy on the side of the pool and had a quick chat.

As I stood there looking I was very grateful that he was now chatting to his friend which gave me more viewing time, but I was imagining what a lucky friend this was as he was right below this guy and having to look up to chat to him would have been the most amazing veiw as the wet Lycra was showing everything off.

It reminded me off the couple of times Mike had finished before me and on his way to the shower had stopped and stood above me in his wet black jammers and the view of his large bulge was one that would live with me forever.

After about a minute of watching them chatting I could feel myself getting excited so thought I’d better get on with my laps because even if he joined his friend in the lane next to me I was going to be able to get some great views of his soaking wet Lycra as he swam past me.

I’m hoping he is going to be a regular at the lido from this point of.

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