Getting Mike into some Speedos…

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Well training has certainly picked up since our open water swim last month and Mike and I have been trying to swim at the same time but sometimes like Tuesday I got to the pool much earlier than he could so I had finished and was on my way into the change rooms to shower as he was coming out.

I probably haven’t said a lot about Mike on the blog so far so thought that after this weeks events it might be a good as time as any to talk about him. Mike is a cyclist first and foremost so understandably he has legs on him. He is shorter than I am but has a small waist which accentuates his shoulders and thighs when he is in his cycling gear or in his Jammers. This is the closest picture I could find that shows what he looks like in his Speedo Jammers, which he has a couple of pairs of, all of which are black with either a white or red graphic running down the sides of his leg. As long as I have known Mike and swam with him I have also worn my Speedos, Aussiebums or on the rare occasion some Speedo square cut trunks.

I have always wanted to ask him why he wears the Jammers over the square cut or even the brief style of swimmers but the opportunity has never arisen well they was of course until tonight and to be honest I was so floor by him talking about it that I missed the opportunity to get the question in.

We had been for our swim as per usual and headed off to the pub after for a couple of pints and to catch up on the week and just general banter. As we sat outside the pub on the wooden picnic tables as we approached the bottom of the first pint Mike starts off by saying “Oh I didn’t tell you what happened after you left on Tuesday evening. Did you know why most of the pool didn’t have the lanes marked out?”

I hadn’t really noticed so he proceeded to say that they were having a water-polo match or training there. He then went on to say that after he had grabbed his gear out of the locker and headed into the change room he watched a guy get into his Speedos which made Mike think that he might be interested in playing Water-polo but this was short lived as he then saw the guy pull on second pair of water-polo Speedos.

To say I was stunned or shocked at what I was hearing Mike say is an understatement and as I sat there processing it I could feel myself get excited under the table at the picture I now had in my head of Mike in the change room across this  water-polo player as he layered on his Speedos.

Initially I was so surprised that the phrase “when I saw the guy put on his Speedos it made me interesting in playing water-polo” was certainly not a phrase that I thought I would ever hear Mike say and then when he said “when I saw him put on another pair of Speedos I thought better of it”, made me think the reason he doesn’t wear Speedos was because they would struggle to contain him.

In hindsight I should have asked him the question then and there but I think I was still a little in shock that I was having this conversation that I missed the opportunity. Mike went onto say that he had later talk to some one and found out that the even though the guys getting changed into their Speedos looked quite professional the evening was actually opened to anyone that wanted to give it a go.

We joked about it being a good way to train for our open-water swim but then mentioned the need to wear two pairs of Speedos means that there must have been a lot of grappling and pulling under the water which might not be a good thing.

94bb4cc280489a11c47ed0c035597af2 doubled

By this time in the conversation I was still quite excited under the table and I certainly wasn’t going to be up to get the next pint for a minute or two as I was visualizing Mike in a pair of water-polo Speedos and how great they would look on him as their cut would accentuate how toned his butt and hips and waist are.

Up until this point I had though that I would never get to see Mike sporting a pair of Speedos and after this conversation there is now a glimmer of hope that with enough beers one night I might be able to get him to commit to a trail night of water-polo and therefore a pair of Speedos or maybe the sight of the guy putting on his first pair of Speedos might make Mike think about trying them instead of his usual jammers when he gets his next lot of swimming kit.

Mike Water Polo

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