Old work colleague in Speedos…

I hope you’ve all checked out my new project either via this link or by the feed on the far right hand column on the home page. Beside that it’s been another Lycra filled fortnight and whilst this week I am back to swimming in just my Speedos the previous week was a lead up to a big open water swim so I was having to cover my Speedos up with a wetsuit just to get some practice in that before the swim.

At the moment it has been great to alternate between the local indoor pool and then heading a bit further afield to get into the outdoor pool and a longer lap lane and of course to be swimming outside is just great. The change rooms at the outdoor pool are much smaller and a lot busier.

Mike and I arranged to meet up at the pool a couple of nights last week to get a couple of kilometres done in our wetsuits so the first evening I was there first and headed into the change room and started to get ready. As it was one evening after work the changing room was quite busy, so there wasn’t much room on the benches to get changed but I managed to grab a bit of bench in one corner and started to change. As I had ridden down from work I took off my cycling gear and pulled my Speedos on and stood there just in my Speedos as I packed everything away before slipping into my wetsuit. After wriggling into my wetsuit Mike still hadn’t appeared so I grabbed my bike helmet, shoe and bag any started to head to the door and as I came around the corner there were a few guys coming in the door as I was coming out so I held back and let them come in first.

As I stood there waiting for the guys to come through the door so I could exit the second face in the group of guys that was coming registered as a familiar face and I had to quickly process as to where I knew him from and quite quickly I knew it was my old colleague Lee from a job that I had done a year or so ago. It was sort of one of those awkward situations when you’re passing in a door way and you couldn’t stop and chat but Lee had also spotted me and after initially walking past in the stream of guys coming in he quickly turned around and said hi and we ended having a quick chat just off to the side of the door.

Lee used to sit next to me when we worked together and we had talked about cycling but I had never seen him in anything else than his suit although he had already seen me in my cycling kit as I came and went in the mornings and evenings. So it felt quite natural for me to be standing there in my wetsuit whilst he was still in his suit, but if he had been a couple of minutes earlier he would have seen me just in my Speedos, which is not a problem, but sometimes when you meet someone out of the context of what you have always known them it can sometimes be a bit strange.

As we were standing there chatting with me being in my full wetsuit I started to heat up and after a little bit I started to get the sweats so said to Lee I need to get in the pool so would chat to him later on if he was still around. It wasn’t until I was outside and heading over to the lockers that my mind started to wander and wonder what type swimwear Lee would be sporting and I assumed that it would be a pair of loose shorts as he mentioned he was just down for a swim and wasn’t training for anything.

I hadn’t been outside for too long as I had just locked my locker and facing back to the pool that I saw Lee emerge from the door leading from the reception and change rooms and was firstly once again surprised to see him changed and out so quickly but then secondly to see that he was wearing a pair of square cut Lycra swimmers as he walked towards the lockers. Lee headed to a free locker at the end of the pod of lockers that I was at and at this stage I was still waiting for Mike to arrive so thought I would just take a moment longer to get my googles and kit sorted and take the opportunity to take in Lee in his swimmers.

At first glance I thought they were a black colour but as Lee was putting his gear into his Locker I had a glance and the Lycra has an almost brown bronze colour look to them as they stretched across this bum. I was quite surprised at this as they didn’t look like the run of the mill swimmers some one would just pick at a sports store so I wanted give him a high five on this choice of swimmers. Lee has a build like my mate Liam who I have written about in previous blogs, but for those who haven’t read those blog posts Lee and Liam are smaller in stature maybe like 5 foot something but just smaller versions of the 6foot plus guys.

As I watched Lee put his gear into the locker it was great to watch the fabric of his swimmer flex and move and whilst they weren’t stretched like painted on they were just stretched enough so that as he moved and his muscles in his legs and bum moved the Lycra reacted accordingly. Lee waist was narrow and he really wore this trunks well and from the angle I was at the swimmers were just long enough to cover his legs just enough to get the definition of the tops of his thighs and before his butt started to stretch the fabric out and then I was able to make out the dimples in his butt checks.

prd_speedo-lunar-lycra-square-cut-black1 cropped

After this great view of Lee’s Lycra covered butt he turned and headed off to the outside shower to rinse off before jumping in the pool and it was a great scene to watch as he walked away from me over the outside shower but unfortunately there was a couple of people having a rinse down so Lee headed back into the change rooms to rinse off so I didn’t get to see him rinse himself down on this occasion.

A minute later I got to watch him emerge from inside and stride across to the pool and now that his swimmers had been under the shower they really highlighted the contours of Lee’s body underneath and it was good to see that the front view was just a great as the back and as the Lycra came around Lee’s hip bone the smoothness of the Lycra was broken now with ripples in it as it strained and stretched across his bugle and his swimmers were certainly straining in the crouch to contain what was underneath.

prd_speedo-lunar-lycra-square-cut-black cropped

Lee finally made it into the pool and as Mike still hadn’t turned up I jumped in as well as we were in the same lane for a while which gave me the opportunity to be able to get glimpses of Lee’s body stretched out stroking away and the Lycra moving with the water rushing across then as his muscles flexed as he kicked and twisted through the water.

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