European guy in black Arena trunks

The last couple of weeks has been pretty full on with swimming training, work and other commitments but you’ll be happy to here that they have only been a couple of days when I haven’t had my cycling kit, speedos or aussiebums on. With the weather being reasonable I have also been alternating between my local pool and Brockwell Lido to try and get ready for the open water swim next week.

Mike has also been away for a few weeks with work so I have been left to my own devices with swim training and have been getting down to the pool a little later which usually means the lanes are a bit clearer. With going a bit later I haven’t seen much of the usual crowd expect for the older chap who has been down quite regularly as well and he even turned up in a pair of jammers one night which was a different look but gladly he was back to his speedos the next night.

One night I was down I must had been swimming for about 45 minutes and as I started to wind down my mind was starting wander to the after swim shower and beyond. I finished off my laps and headed for the changing rooms but instead of going straight through to my locker to get my towel and shower gel I was now busting so turned into the toilet area and headed to the end cubicle as there was going to be no way I was going to be able to keep this in whilst showering.

After taking my comfort break I tied my trunks back up and headed for the sinks which are inline with the shower area so whilst washing my hands and looking in the mirror I could see into the shower area, but didn’t see any moment or towels over the top rail or on the pegs so I thought I was going to have the showers mainly to myself.

I headed back to my locker and grabbed my towel and shower gel and headed for the shower area. The empty shower area didn’t last long as some of the other guys that had being swimming come in from the pool and headed for the cubicles with doors went in and shut the door. As I was in the disabled shower I only had the curtain to close and I had left this where the last person to use the showers left it which meant if any one coming into the middle or end cubicle in the opposite row would be able to see into the my shower cubicle.

I was wearing my burgundy Aussiebums this evening and so I was washing myself with my Aussiebums on and just enjoying being under the shower with the water running down my body over my wet trunks. After a second lather the tie to my trunks had come undone and the two white cords were now handing over the bulge in the front of my trunks and straight down to the ground with a trail of water running down each one.

At one stage I had my back facing the wall and my arms stretched up to just beyond the shower head and as I stretched my arms up and arched my back the stretch felt good and I closed my eyes and let my head fall back under the shower head and I just held this position for a while as it just felt so great with the water running over my face and down my chest.

After a minute or so like this I thought I had better get a move on as the pool would be closing shortly and so I moved forward out of the stream of water and as my eyes focused and I bent down to pick the shower gel up I noticed that someone was in the end cubicle which didn’t have door. As I picked up the shower gel and started to come back up I was a little taken back because in the opposite cubicle now stood a vey tall Speedo clad guy that was facing towards the shower head which gave me a great opportunity to get a good look at him.

As I hadn’t seen this guy in the pool in the previous hour whilst I was swimming I wasn’t sure if he was getting into the pool or has just had a quick swim and I had missed him getting into the pool whilst I was going to the toilet. Either way he was now in the shower opposite me and I later found out that he was European and his black Trunks were Arena briefs like the ones below and as my eyes followed the water from the shower run down his back I was amazed at how well the wet black Lycra Arena briefs clunk to his but cheeks and as I watched the wet black Lycra sort of shimmer with the water running through then I noticed that there was an Arena logo just under the top stitching which enclosed the cord and it was stretched across the gap between his two butt cheeks and looked really great.


I was still in my Aussiebums as I lathered myself up and could see that he was started to turn around so I shifted my gaze so I could still see him slightly out of the corner of my eye and I now had to finish lathering up before I got to excited I turned around whilst taking the opportunity to look across in his direction.The front view was just as good as the back and he was certainly wearing these Arena briefs very confidently. From the quick glance that I got I could see that he now had his back to the shower head and had both hands under his trunks rinsing off the chlorine from his butt and giving himself a wash through his trunks.

I put my head under the shower to start to rinse off and after letting the water rinse the shower get off I pulled my head out of the stream of water and could see that he had turned around again and was now facing the shower hear and I could now stand and watch. As I did I could see the wet Lycra which was stretched across his butt stretch and relax as both his hands were rubbing the water against his lower torso and then under his trunks and across his hips. After a bit of washing like this both hands dived down under the wet Lycra and the back for his trunks stretched out as he pulled the front of his trunks down to wash himself.

Arena in the Shower


Changing into Arena Trunks

After a bit of washing he pulling his trunks back up into position turned and walked out, so as quickly as he had appeared he had disappeared and I was now once again alone in the shower area.

I finished off and headed back to the changing room to find that this guy had the locker next to mine as I a moved across the room he was already half dressed with his wet black Arena Trunks on the floor next to him.

As I started to dry off next to him I started to wonder if this was going to be a one off visit or if he was going to start to be a regular here. The following week I got answer to that.

On another evening the following week I had finished off my swim and showered and came back into the change area and there he was standing across from me. He had arrived whilst I was in the showers and he was about half way through getting changed into his black Arena trunks. Thankfully my locker was in a good position in relation to his so I was able to watch as be dropped his boxer shorts and into his Arena trunks. It was another great view watching him step into them and pull them up and to watch the Lycra fabric stretch and move as he pulled them up his legs and then up over his butt. I was falling in love with the classic black brief all over again watching this guy get into his Arena swim briefs and watching them stretch when he ran his fingers under the bottoms so that they stretched out over his butt and sat correctly cupped his arse just at the top of his thighs.

After a bit more adjustment he was closing his locker and started to head off towards the pool via the shower area. As he walked off towards the pool I couldn’t help but watch and as he turned the corner to the shower area I started to playback the previous weeks shower scene off him and those Arena trunks.

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