Triathlete smuggling something large in his Tri-suit in Cornwall

After a hectic couple of days back in London I didn’t get to the pool or out on the bike at all, so I was looking forward to getting out of London so headed down to Cornwall for the weekend which was great. We headed off on Friday and we managed to get to our destination by the evening by unfortunately though there was no Speedos, bike or cycling Lycra packed.

On Saturday morning we were up reasonably early and headed out for some breakfast and then out to Lands End for a day of touristy stuff. As we headed north on the east side of the peninsula that ends at Lands End, on the road out of town we came across a sign saying “Caution Runners” and then further up the road there was a “Caution Cyclists” sign and although we didn’t know it at the time we later found out that we were heading to a Cornish Triathlon and all of a sudden a normal day of sightseeing was about to turn into Lycra heaven.

As we drove further along, up ahead a cyclist turned onto the road a little bit ahead of us so I slowed down and as there was on coming traffic I sat a little bit behind him, which wasn’t a bad thing as all he was wearing was a Lycra Tri suit, his helmet and shoes. As he powered along the road I had the opportunity to watch his legs move under his Lycra and as his bottom half of the Tri suit was all black the sun really played off the Lycra and I didn’t mind a bit that I was were I was. As we continued along the road with his paper number flapping in the breeze my eyes worked their way up from his legs and I’m not sure whether it was the design and colours of the Tri Suit but as my eyes moved up from the black Lycra to the red and white Lycra panels of the top of his Tri Suit I was amazed at how the Lycra looked like a second skin on this guy and I thought that is exactly how it should look.

As this Triathlete rode along you could see by how sheer the white Lycra panel was that he had been sweating hard on the bike. It was great to see the sweat soaked Lycra move as it stretched out across his back all the way from the top of his butt up his lower back showing off his back muscles and then through past his shoulder blades before disappearing over his shoulders.

Tri – 30.5.15

After watching the white Lycra covering his back for a while my eyes started to get drawn to the red Lycra panels that wrapped around both sides which really showed off his very toned lean mid section as the Tri Suit had a great line from his legs and hips before narrowing into his waist before heading up towards his shoulders but as my eyes continued up the Lycra stopped short and his bare shoulder, hairy pits and toned arms continued where the Lycra left off.

All to soon however the oncoming traffic disappeared so it was time to leave this guy to finish off his race, so we headed along the road and after a couple of minutes of normal traffic we could see our destination which was the transition area and as the realisation that a Triathlon was going on I started to think if it was be possible to change our plans with out being to obvious.

We parked that car beyond the Triathlon area and continued to look around the town centre but as we did my mind and thoughts were constantly replaying the view of the cyclist. It was probably about 20 minutes before we ended up back at the car (as I couldn’t persuade anyone to have a walk further along the harbour towards where the running leg was happening).

We pulled out of the car space and thankfully now had to head back past the turning for the transition area and I was hoping that I might get another opportunity like the one on the way into town, unfortunately though it must have been later in the race as there were no cyclists heading out of the transition area and very few coming in so it would be slim pickings. As we continued along the road I wasn’t sure of the terrain on this side of the beach as on the way into town I was focused on the cyclists and road ahead.

Thankfully though a short distance along the wall and gardens that obscured my view of the harbour disappeared and the path appeared and now ran along side the road for a little bit and I could see runners in Tri suits coming out of the transition area and also others coming towards us who had picked up their pace as the end was in view. As we continued on thankfully at a slow pace due to Saturday morning traffic I was able to grab some glimpses across the footpath and there was a lot of black and dark coloured Tri suits going up and down the path but soon my attention was drawn further ahead in the distance by a red top with a white stripe across it and I was instantly intrigued. I hadn’t seen a Tri suit design like this before and as the guy got closer I started to recognise that it was a Castelli style design and as he got even closer the Castelli Logo was in sight and confirmation that it was a Castelli Tri suit and it looked great.

The most striking part of the Tri suit was of course the chest area with the red Lycra stretching across this Triathletes abs before stretching up over his pecs to the strip of white Lycra stretching from one side of his chest to the other. The red Lycra with white logo strip really accentuated this guys chest and as he ran along the red tight Lycra across his abs gave him real definition and as he passed I made a mental note that when I get home tonight I will have to search for that Tri suit as I love my Castelli cycle gear so this Tri suit would be a great addition.

Castelli Trio

As the guy in the Castelli Tri suit came and went I was really quite excited at these two stand out moments and thought I’ve had a very lucky Saturday to see the Lycra candy I had seen, so as we continued along the road I kept an eye on the path as we continued down the road and I replayed the scene of the Castelli Tri suit back in my head.

A short distance further and I started to realise that there was a café coming up ahead and the path veered off back down to the harbour in the opposite direction to the road so whilst I was very pleased with what I had seen so far nothing could have prepared me from what was about to appear in front of me as the end of the Triathon watching was ahead.

Redbulge Trio

Coming up the path in our direction was a guy in what first looked like a fully red Lycra Tri suit and he must have sensed the end of the race was near as he was in full stride as he passed the café and was now heading our way. The red Tri suit was very striking and certainly cut through the rest of the Tri suits on the course, but the colour was not the only things that grab my eyes attention because after the red Lycra had my attention there was no hiding that he was very toned and was filling out the Tri suit but as his right leg came forward and sprung off the ground and extended behind him it revealed a massive bulge that filled out the padding and extended out over the top of his right thigh.

As he took another stride and his right leg came forward again you could see his bulge ride up with his leg and then as his right leg extended out behind him the red Lycra stretched creating an almost flat line from the front his thigh across his pubic bone up to his flat stomach which created a great back drop for his bulge which must have worked out from behind the cycling padding in his suit. It was certainly an impressive sight to see the full pouch behind the red Lycra covered cycling pad and then to see it continue out to over the top of his right thigh was amazing and it looked as the blood was not just rushing through his legs.


As we were going in opposite directions we probably got to watch this Triathlete’s bulge slap up and down on his leg about three or four times as he ran for the finish line, but for the rest of the weekend I had the picture of his sweat soaked red Lycra Tri suit straining to contain his bulge on my mind and on the last stride the red really helped to define what lay beneath.

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