Mountain Bike Lycra Bulges in the Highlands of Scotland..

Last weekend I headed up to Scotland for a long weekend with the family which was amazing although I didn’t take the bike or Lycra as I knew there would be no time for that on this trip. As I’ve ridden up in the highlands I knew there would be a lot of Lycra on the roads but as we headed out to one of the islands for a couple of nights it seemed that the mountain bikes were becoming more prominent and a lot of the cyclist had the loose shorts with Lycra bibs or tights on underneath.

On Saturday we were all up and out early on the road heading out of Portree for the other side of the island and even though it wasn’t the best day weather wise I was lucky to see a couple of groups of road cyclists climbing up of the hills as we went along. As we passed a couple of groups which looked like cycle club outings it was great to see them out of their saddles and pushing up the hills and I got a glimpse of their muscles move under their Lycra bib shorts and tights.

Skye Beag and Skye Mor Cyclosportif. Isle of Skye

After a full day looking around the island we headed back to Portree which was our base for a couple of nights and it was just after 3 when we got back, so we headed into the main square area and over to the bakery which was just shutting up so we thought we’d go next door to the café. As we headed for the door I notice 3 mountain bikes locked up outside the café so thought there would a group of cyclist inside having a coffee and cake with their loose shorts on and may get a glimpse of their Lycra covered knees and calves.

When we entered the café it wasn’t as open plan as I had expected but it had a glass conservatory front and then a main room with an long rectangular room running along the side of the main room. We quickly found out that the kitchen had closed so we grabbed a booth that was against the wall that separated the main room and the rectangular room and although it was a full height it had one window sized opening with a small sculpture in it at the end of our booth and it allowed a view into the corner of the rectangular room.

After ordered coffees and what snacks we could I excused myself and headed to the toilets. I knew that the cyclists weren’t in the main room with us or the front conservatory so I though as the toilets were at the back of the rectangle room I might be able to scope out where the mountain bikers were. I unfortunately didn’t see anything from my trip to the toilet so I returned to the table with the rest of the family and continued chatting.

It wasn’t until about 20 minutes later that through the opening in the wall I could see some a group of guys starting to get ready to leave and I saw one of them lift their helmet and gloves up off the floor onto the table so now I knew where the mountain bikers were sitting. At this point one of the guys was out of view from this vantage point and so the two mountain bikers that I could see, there was one which was side on and one to his left which was facing in my direction and he was the first to get up out of his seat. I couldn’t really see below his waist so I was still assuming that he had loose shorts on but as he moved around the table after getting some money from the other guys I could start to see that he didn’t have loose shorts on and soon realised he was just in Lycra bib tights and in the next couple of seconds he would be coming around the corner and passing the end of our booth as he headed up to the cashier to pay.

As he walked past our booth I got a great view of him and he was wearing plain black bib tights without any logos or design and he had the right mixture of being lean but toned and muscular and his bib tights looked great and looked like they were painted on (similar to the ones pictured below). My heart was racing now but I was sitting amongst my family so I was trying to grab a great view whilst not making it obvious.


As I sat there talking to my family all I wanted to do was walk up to the cashier and pay our bill just so I could get a better look at this mountain biker in his painted on Lycra bib tights. I manage to steal some looks at him whilst he was he was paying and it was an amazing view. He had amazingly toned legs and it was amazing to see the area just below his butt which in these tights as it looked well defined and as he turned a little whilst he was at the cashier it was great to see his narrow flat stomach and waist and the black Lycra clinging as tightly as it could to his skin.

This guy was looking great in his Lycra tights and I would say that if you put an athletic mannequin in tights next to him it would be hard to tell the difference. Sitting there amongst my family I was doing my best to contain my excitement but I some how managed to time a glance just right and got a full frontal view of him as he turned from the cashier and headed our way.

The front view was just as amazing as the back and similar to the picture below as he moved there was very little creasing of his Lycra as it was really fitting well and was creating a great pouch and bulge as he walked, From what I could see he had certainly tucked himself in behind the pad and it was a very round full pouch that was bulging as he walked past our booth.


Whilst the guy was standing up paying the cashiers I was also trying to look through the opening back towards his buddies and whilst the 3rd cyclist remain out of view the guy that was initially sitting side on stood up shortly after his buddy had gone up to the cashier and to my amazement he also was just in cycling Lycra and with similar bib tights on like his buddy who had just walked past.

This guy even though he was not as toned as his friend at the cashier he still was muscular and filled the tights out so it was a great view from where I was sitting, but once he had got himself ready he turned around and was now facing in my direction looking through the opening to see how his friend was getting on. As he turned around I glanced back through the opening and I had to really control my reaction as before now stood this guy and unlike his friend had a big bulge in his tights and I could clearly see that he was dressed to the left and as he stood in the middle of the café facing in my direction you could clearly see that this confident Lycra guy was excited and his tights were struggling to hide what was beneath.

I’m couldn’t see from where I was sitting whether there were other people in his part of the restaurant but if there were they would be getting to see this guy in all of his glory. It was amazing to see how the Lyrca stretched acrossed his hips and was clearly straining to hide what was pushing it out and away from his skin. At one stage I must of gazed in his direction to long as he caught me looking straight at his crouch.


When I realized the he had caught me looking I looked away but with such and impressive view through the opening it wasn’t long before the urge was to great and I had to look back and when I did he was still standing in the same position and was not trying to hide himself and they way he was standing so confidently that got me more excited and made me want to look more.

I was just amazed at the Lycra candy that was in this Scottish Café and as I sat with my family my heart was racing and I certainly would not be able to hide my excitement if we were to leave the booth anytime soon.

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