Changing into my cycling gear next to the boss….

What an amazing Lycra week this week was with almost everyday down at the pool so my Speedos and AussieBums have been getting a good work out. There have been showers opposite Mike in his jammers at the pool and I showered across from the older chap in his navy Speedos the other night when Mike was not down, but the stand out Lycra moment was one night this week when I went to get changed into my cycling kit to head off to the rowing club for a meeting.

As the weather has warmed up the areas to change in the morning and evenings have sometimes been full so I usually have to time things but as I had a meeting at the rowing club I had to run the gauntlet once I had squared everything away at my desk.

I grabbed my bib shorts and cycling jersey and headed off to the toilets on my floor but both the cubicle and disabled toilets were full so I headed up to the next floor and the cleaners were cleaning the shower room and then there were a couple of guys getting changed for 5 a side in the toilets so I headed up to the top floor and headed for shower room and was pleased to see that there was no occupied sign turned on the door so I grabbed the handled, turned it and headed in.

As I was in a bit of rush I opened the door with a bit of energy and sort of burst into the shower room but as the door opened I started to realise that the shower room was actually occupied, but before I knew it I had the door open and I was standing there like a deer in the headlights as standing there was the Director who I had often seen in the bike area or coming out of this shower room in the mornings when I’ve had to come up and use this shower. I immediately started to apologize for bursting in on him by saying that I was in a rush for the meeting and all of the other rooms on the other floors were all full and generally just felt like a bumbling idiot.

The Director was very gracious and after the initial shock of it said it was ok as he must have forgotten to lock the door when he came in. I apologised again and started to turn to walk out again when to my surprise he said don’t worry about it, it was his fault for not locking the door and said he wouldn’t be to much longer so I was more than welcome to stay as he wasn’t going to be showering and the room was big enough to really be a communal change room. I wasn’t sure at first as I was feeling a bit embarrassed and this was the Director who I blogged about when I tried his wet cycling kit on one morning whilst using the shower room over the winter.

I paused for a second as I really wanted to stay but I was feeling really conscious that I had worn his bib shorts a couple of months ago and had always wondered whether I had put everything back so he wouldn’t notice that anyone had tried his things on. I politely declined firstly but with a bit of back and forth it became obvious that it might seem more awkward if I turned and walked out, so with my heart in my mouth I closed the door behind me and hung my bib shorts and jersey on the hook next to the shower opposite the bench and started to take my tie off and unbutton my shirt.

With all of the embarrassment of bursting in on the Director I might have forgotten to mention that when I burst in the Director was shirtless with just his suit trousers on. He had his Cervello Castelli bike kit set out in front of him with his bib shorts on the bench in front of him and the jersey on a hook just above that. Once I had closed the door the Director turned around again and whilst I was unbuttoning my shirt proceeded to undo his trousers and take them off to reveal his loose cotton boxer shorts and whilst doing this he started to talk to me about how after chatting with me after a meeting a couple of weeks back he was interested in what route I used to get out Richmond Park as he had been trying different routes over the last couple of weeks.

As I started to run through my route out of the corner of my eye I could see that the Director was still standing in his tartan print cotton boxers shorts and had reached over to grabbed his Cervello Castelli bib shorts like the ones below and when they finally ended up in one hand he raised his hands up to the waist band of his boxer shorts as with a tug on the waist band they fell to the floor.


The Director stepped out of his boxer shorts and as each leg came out of his boxer shorts which remained on the floor he transferred his leg from his boxer shorts straight into his bib shorts and once he had both legs in he started to pull them up and I couldn’t resist to try to watch without being obvious, as the Lycra of his shorts stretched and moved as his pulled them up his legs. It was an amazing view to watch him put on his bib shorts and as they got over his knees and started to stretch to accommodate his thighs, he moved his weight from foot to foot to manoeuvre them up over his thighs and over his bum.

He paused there for a moment and before he pulled each strap over his shoulders I could see him adjust each leg with a quick pinch of the Lycra and a pull up towards his crotch before he put his hands down the front to readjust himself with the shorts pad now pressing against him.

Up to this stage I had been slightly facing away from the Director and turning to use the mirror to see what was going on but now as I was about to get out of my own boxer shorts and slip into my Castelli bib shorts I could see that they Director had turned to face my way and was sat on the bench to start to put on his shoes and socks so I knew that I would have to be careful now as if I glanced in the mirror now as his eyes if he looked up with catch me looking.

As I slid out of my boxer shorts and into my bib shorts I noticed that the Director didn’t seem to be in a rush to put his jersey on and so whilst  putting on his socks and shoes he was just sitting there in his Lycra bib shorts on with the straps the only thing covering his upper body.

4839791577_f76e38c838_az cervelo-clothing3a

After slipping into my bib shorts I now turned around towards the Directors direction just in my bib shorts as I grabbed my cycling jersey off the hook and was a bit disappointed with myself that I had not brought all of my kit up with me as that would have given me more reason to hand around and take in this view.

I was also just thanking my lucky stars that the Director was so comfortable sitting there in just his bib shorts, because as we talked I was able to look in his direction and most of the time I only get to see bib shorts under a cycling jersey so to see the bib shorts stretch around his legs and hips and continue from his groin up over his lower abs before meeting the mesh straps and headed up over his pecs and shoulders this was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss.

I took as much time as I possible could to put my jersey on and collect my work clothes off the hook and floor and get them together for the walk back down to my desk to finish getting changed.


The Director had finished putting his shoes and socks on as was now standing in front of my slipping his cycling jersey on over his head and I knew I had to get moving or else I would be late for the rowing meeting. As I was now changed and ready to go I excused myself and thanked the Director for letting me get changed as it saved me going form floor to floor to get somewhere to change and as I headed for the door and turned for one last glance.

When I looked back the Director had turned around and was facing away from me now which gave me a chance to linger just a moment longer to watch as he bent down to collect his work clothes and what an amazing view it was as with his cycle shoes on and bent forward his leg muscles were on display and as my eyes run up from his naked calves his skin disappeared under his Lycra bib shorts. The Lycra stretched out over the backs of his legs and headed up towards the top of his legs where the stitching of the pad in his bib shorts starts and continues around the bottom of his bum.

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