First 100 mile day for 2015

Well so I’m finally getting the chance to sit down and tell you about the first group ride and 100 mile ride of 2015. You might remember the first Richmond ride with the lads was a week ago and this ride was what got Chris, Oscar and Liam out of their hibernation and into their Lycra and on their bikes.

So the plan for today’s ride was to ride about 18 miles south of London to one of the big horse racing courses and join up with an Evans Cycles Ride it ride which did a big 70 mile loop back to the race course and then ride back into London.

I was really looking forward to the ride as it was going to be nice to have the lads along and it was going to be a big group with Chris, Oscar, Liam and Mike had even signed up for it. It was an early start and the weather of course looked like it could go either way so always hoping for the best I decided on my Castelli Nanoflex Knicker like the ones below.

bibs_6 We were all going to be wearing the same cycling jersey today so from person to person the base layers, bibs and outer layer were the only things that were going to change.

I’d arranged to meet Oscar and Liam in Brixton outside the Ritzy so after I’d got my bib and white Lycra base layer top on over them and my jersey pockets filled with supplies for the day I was off and ended up being the first one there.

I didn’t have long to wait before Oscar turned up who was wearing his usual DHB black long tights and. He had also done the same as me and opted for a long base layer under his jersey and an outer shell in one of his jersey pockets just in case.

We had a bit of a wait until Liam joined us but it gave me a chance to catch some looks at Oscar in his bib tights. As we stood there and I stole looks I could see that similar to me, his jersey pockets were quite full which was pulling the fabric at the front of his jersey across his flat stomach and I could see the outline of the tops of his bibs under and the straps heading up over his shoulders. Oscar always amazes me as his stomach always looks so great under bibs and this morning with the fabric being pulled so tight by the supplies in his jersey pockets I could clearly make out his bib tight lines and even some of his adnominal muscles which make up the “V” that heads down into your groin.

Liam finally arrived so we saddled up and headed off towards Putney and Chris’s place but as we were coming through Clapham I got a call from Chris who had to pull the pin on the ride, so we still had to head through Putney and via Richmond so I was just a little disappointed the group wasn’t going to be as big but nothing else to do but ride on. Liam. Oscar and I took turns out front and it was great to have the lads out and getting a chance to cycle behind them.

We took it pretty casually on the ride out as it was early and the roads were pretty good and we had plenty of time before registration and meeting Mike. Mike was staying at his mum’s place the night before and would be riding up from there so it was just the three of us for now.

As we approached the race course the number of Lycra clad cyclists increased and then as we entered the car park was full of cars with their trunks or tailgates opened with Lycra clad cyclist finishing off their preparations.

We parked our bikes and headed for registration and still had plenty of time to grab a coffee whilst waiting for Mike and the start. As we were waiting Liam sat himself next to me on the bench which left Oscar standing in front us and this gave me the perfect viewing point for his Lycra clad groin and the bottom of his jersey seemed to be sitting a little higher than I had noticed before so I was getting some great opportunities to check him out. With his jersey sitting a little higher there was a big band of black Lycra that sat tight across his stomach before you could see that the top of bulge was fighting to get the Lycra to let go of his skin and make some room for him before hitting the stitching of the seat pad.

As I might have mentioned before Oscar has quite large muscular thighs which always look great but to see the Lycra of his shorts strain to get all the way around them and then relax as it heads to the top of his legs to meet his toned torso and butt creates some great lines and views.

9083572611_78db2e36ab_o 9083573809_35dd921193_o


Oscar’s body definitely compliments the panelled Lycra of the bib tights he wears and I never tire of seeing him out cycling. As Oscar moved around whilst standing there in front of Liam and I, I was definitely lucky I was sitting down as all this drinking in of Oscar in his bib tights was getting me excited.

Mike turned up just as we were finishing our coffees so we jumped in the queue for the start line to open and as we edged closer to the start briefing and heading out, there were many opportunities to check out the other riders. After registering Mike headed over to join us and he was wearing his Mavic fleece lined tights.

We rolled over the timing strip and start line out onto the course and as we got into our rhythm I spent most of the first ten minutes riding behind Mike and even though I see him in the pool every week in jammers it’s always great to see him out in cycling Lycra.

The weather had been pretty good so far but after about 10 miles or so the heavens opened and so it was time for the outer shells to come out and they remained on for the rest of the ride. We lost Mike just before the first feed station due a mechanical so it was back to Oscar, Liam and myself.

We fell into a good pace and rhythm with Liam mainly out front, myself in the middle and Oscar behind. I didn’t mind as Liam is a pocket rocket and the way he fills out a pair of Lycra bibs is incredible and last week his Craft bibs were phenomenal and looking like they were sprayed on. Today he was similar to Oscar with plain black DHB tights on and watching from behind as the seat pressed against the Lycra and then as he rose up out of the seat to pedal up some inclines and see his Lycra covered but pedal through the hill certainly took my mind off the rain.

At the first feed stop it was a great chance to have a comfort break and get inside out of the rain for a minute. The feed stop was in an old school hall so we headed over to one corner to put our stuff and chill whilst everyone got themselves sorted. I headed into the loos first of all and then headed back to get some cake and bananas before heading back over to the stand with Oscar and Liam. We were all pretty much covered in mud and crap that had flicked up from the wet roads. Oscar was heading back and forth but Liam was on his phone a lot so with his attention distracted I was able to steal some long looks at his bulge and leg in his bib tights. At the start of standing around Liam’s bib tights had created a very smooth but full pouch but after moving around a bit and a trip to the toilets you could definitely see his outline and a couple of times I caught myself in an extended gaze at his groin.

9083571589_f0eb9a0330_o 9085785036_545c103bc7_o 9085791032_7ed0a01b72_o

We headed out after a few minutes before we cooled down to much and continued out to knock of the rest of the wet 70 miles before heading back to meet Mike.

By the time we meet up with Mike we looked like we had been mountain biking not road riding but luckily by the time we had a final coffee before heading back to London the rain had stopped so we had a dry ride back into London and even though the weather didn’t play ball it was a great day out with the boys and I’m now certainly looking forward to the summer of cycling ahead.

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