Working in my Speedos

I slept through the alarm this morning, so I rolled out of bed straight into a pair of Speedos as the first thing on my to-do-list today was laps at the pool. I threw some shorts and t-shirt on and grabbed my bag and headed out the door in the hope of getting laps in before the mornings swimming lessons started, but unfortunately by the time I got to the pool swimming lessons had taken over the pool.

So annoyed but with no one else to blame but my self I headed off down the high street to get on with the other things I had to do today. Whilst the sun is out today it is a bit breezy and the shorts I put on over my Speedos are the mesh sports type so I could feel the breeze moving the fabric around and a couple of time guys coming towards were glancing my way a little longer than usual and so I soon realized that the wind was pressing the fabric against my legs and speedos which was creating a little bit of a bulge in my shorts as I walked down the high-street.

After a couple of errands I was home and found that I had the house to myself so proceeded to put the shopping away in the kitchen and headed up to my room as I have a full weekend of work to do. I started to get changed and was down to my Speedos and socks when a message came through on my phone which I didn’t realise I had left downstairs in the kitchen. As I have an attention span of a goldfish I headed off down to grab my phone.

Working from home Warwick Rower Style

After coming back up stairs from getting my phone I must have forgotten about getting changed and started to deal with the message I’d just received and logged the Laptop on and it was until a few hours later that it dawned on me that I’d been working away for most of the morning just in my Speedos and socks. I’m not sure if my neighbours have had a great view all morning but it was not until I started to get hungry that I realised I had been sitting here in my Speedos for a few hours working away.

Working from home Speedo Style

I am not sure how much my neighbours can see from the courtyard but even though I have the house to myself the window next to my desk over looks the main courtyard to our complex so without knowing it I’ve just shared any one coming or going this morning has had the opportunity watch my morning of working in my Speedos.

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