First Richmond ride with the lads for 2015

summit_1641361c CUT Doubled

It’s been a while with winter, since all of the lads have been out on their bikes in Richmond Park. I think the fact that the first 100 mile of the year was only a week away might have spurred them along, but if you’ve read some of my other posts you would know that I had been riding throughout the winter and so I didn’t need the practice but I was out on the bike anyway so I planned to meet to up with Chris, Oscar and Liam.

I’d been out for a 20 mile ride prior to meeting up with them so as I came into Richmond Park I kept my eyes peeled for the guys as I wasn’t sure if they had already met or were just going to do laps and pick each other as we went. As I was heading down to the roundabout near the café I saw Chris coming the opposite way so pulled over and he said he’d also just arrived. We turned around and headed back up the way I had just come as this was going to be the opposite direct to the others so we would be able to head Oscar and Liam off this way.

Well the last time that I had ridden with Chris was our ride out to Box Hill back in November so it’s been a while between seeing him in his Lycra and it was as always it was a nice view seeing this tall lean body in his three quarter tights. I started off and I took a turn in front before hitting the hill and then I got to watch Chris raise out of his seat and see the muscles under his tights flex and work as he powered up the hill.

Chirs Jpeg DHB

As I hit the top of the hill I could see Chris heading up towards the roundabout and then saw that he had just passed Oscar and Liam who were now heading my way. I had to continue to ride on my side of the road before I could turn so gave them a wave as they came past but they pulled over and waited on the grass for Chris and me to turn around.

By the time I was able to turn around Chris had rounded the roundabout and was on his way back so it wasn’t too long before the four of us were standing on the grass around the same place I had a Lycra encounter one night last year.

As we were standing there my eyes started to wander and as Liam was standing in my eye line towards the road I was able to catch a couple of glimpses of him in his Lycra. I only meet Liam less than a year ago and his is a good mate of Oscar so I know they ride a lot together but besides a couple of rides like this in Richmond Park I don’t really know him. In saying that though he is European and quiet a small guy in stature what I guess some would call a pocket rocket and so besides Chris, Oscar & myself his certainly looked petite.

In all of the previous rides I have seen him on, he wears mostly Craft cycling kit and plain black like Chris, Oscar and Mike. The conversation turned in his direction to when he was getting his new bike delivered and he started to bend down to show some of the differences between this bike and the new one. This was the perfect opportunity see his Lycra.

He is the only person I have seen in Craft bib shorts but the way they are cut are on par with the more panel shorts I’ve seen and certainly looked good on him. As he bent forward the Lycra stretched over his arse and even when coming back up to standing it just moved with such fluidity and his toned body underneath was creating a great platform for the Lycra to work on.

image cut

After Liam had finished telling us about his new bike I thought we were going to head off but as I leant down to get my drink bottle out my eyes were able to glimpse at Liam’s front and I was a little taken back and he was sporting a very full pad today and I had to be careful not to linger there to long but in these shorts it looked like someone had sculptured it out of clay as the seams in his shorts where the only bumps or ripples in the fabric.

Craft Bib Shorts

As we were standing there chatting for a little longer I couldn’t get over how good these guys were looking in the cycling kit and how the Lycra was enhancing each one of their body types. Along with Chris, Oscar and I had ridden a lot together over the last year or two and he also loves his DHB shorts or long tights and this morning he had his tights with grey panels on.

Similar to Liam, Chris’s waist is small but unlike Liam his thighs and hips are not petite so one of the things that always amazes me when I see Oscar in his Lycra is how many curves and twists the Lycra has to take as it raises up from above his knees and flares out to cover his strong thighs before being able to relax a little as it got ready to take on his arse and crotch before finally arriving and relaxing and resting on his lower back and stomach

DHB Tights

As we went to move off Oscar got ready and I was treated to a side on view of him. I’m not sure if it is because his torso is so long, but his jersey always seems to ride high so from my angle I was treated by a great view as the Lycra rested across his flat stomach then clung against his skin until at the last moment before heading out over the space that his crotch was creating and before meeting the top of the front of the seat padding and then disappearing between his legs.

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