A Parade of Addidas Three Stripe Boxer Trunks & Speedos….

tumblr_n7n85fZ6I11tdgwpko1_1280 asdfa

With the Easter break and a hectic week, tonight was the first time I managed a trip to the pool to get my laps in and as I rushed home from work I started to get changed and put my hand in my draw to grab some swimmers and I just couldn’t decide so grabbed a handful of swimmers (pic) and took a moment to decide, but finally decided on a pair of yellow classic Aussiebums with the logo across the bum. I hadn’t heard from Mike so I wasn’t sure if he would be down so I thought I would take the risk as I couldn’t remember whether they would be see through.

As I approached the pool I looked over into the bike area and my heart stopped as Mike’s bike was there and I started to way up the options and possible responses if they were see through. The locker room was empty when I went in and didn’t see Mike so was a little more comfortable as at least I should be able to make it into the pool and decided not to shower that way if they did go see through and Mike saw me they wouldn’t be to revealing.

I was finally ready and my locker locked and headed out towards the pool, but as I turned the corner and started to walk along the pool I was distracted and forgot all about trying to get in the pool before Mike saw me, as in front of my I was mesmerized by a guy coming out of the pool in Adidas three stripe boxer trunks and usually these don’t have this affect on me but this guy was rocking these boxer trunks.


It all went pretty quick but this pair of Lycra Boxer trunks weren’t a pair that I had seen at the pool before but as they walked past me the guy inside them was well over 6ft and so was tall, lean. I passed him I didn’t get much chance to check them out but by the time I had reached the pool I start to regret not going to the showers first as that might have given me a moment to see them under the shower.

I got into the pool and headed over to the usual lane and amazingly there was only a handful of swimmers across the three lanes. It was unusually empty but who am I to complain, it was great having the lane practically to myself. Whilst I was getting my goggles sorted I saw Mike coming up the pool towards me and as he did I was imagining the view that he would have of me from under the water and was wondering if anything would be said from the light colour of my Aussiebums.

I set off on my laps without chatting to Mike and after a lap or so my mind started to re-run the black Adidas trunks that past me on the way in. As I was coming back after the next lap to my amazement another pair of black boxer cut trunks come out of the locker room and these had a deep red panel down the side. The guy wearing these trunks was probably in his early twenties and an average build but I hadn’t seen him around the pool but he looked like he was naturally athletic.

I continued to swim my laps and as I did, this guy had come into my lane and I’d had a couple of underwater glimpse as he swam past and the Lycra was stretched across his body and whilst he wasn’t a gym bunny the way the Lycra trunks were fitting I was amazed that I was once again fascinated by them.

After a few more minutes I continued to swim and on a return lap I couldn’t believe my eyes as out of the locker room strolled another guy similar that the one currently in my lane and I couldn’t believe my eyes because he was wearing a pair of three stripe Adidas boxer trunks similar the first pair of boxer trunks this evening although the difference were that these had red stripes instead of white like the first. As I continued along the lane I was starting to think, was there an Adidas sale on this week as this many pairs of boxer trunks like this was unheard of.

mwU4bLF-0-vvpSlhCl7uULQ crop double

I continued to swim my laps and on my next lap around the guy in the red striped Adidas was standing against the wall in the lane next to the one I was swimming in so as I came up to the wall I stretched out under the water for the wall and instead of doing my usual turn I turned my gaze towards him and part glided/floated into the wall.

As I came into the wall glancing his way I was once again impressed that the Lycra was a really good snug fit and as I got closer to the wall and got into a more side on view the bulge in the pouch they were forming became more visible. As I came up for air and push off the wall again I keep the picture of this guy in my mind and I was just amazed that whilst the boxer trunks are like a shorter jammer with the jammer you rarely get the pouch in the front like what I had just seen.

tumblr_nce2w3Kwbp1ruu2zao1_500  cut Double

As I looked from the side my eyes run down the his flat stomach to where the Lycra started to cover his pubic bone groin area and whilst you could see the Lycra on the his hips and continue a little way down his legs the pouch containing his bulge as very visible.

tumblr_m2urtlH1YE1ql1mowo1_500 cut 7double

I continued on with my laps and just couldn’t believe my luck as beside the guaranteed jammers or loose shorts except the other night which had so many guys in Speedos this was an exceptional night. As I had about another 15 minutes to go unitl I was done for the night, I couldn’t believe my luck as another two guys in plain black boxer trunks come out of the locker room at different times to join us, so I was torn between the feeling that I was about to be on Punk’d and being in pure ecstasy with all of these guys in the pool at one time.

maru-mens-solid-lycra-swimming-shorts_3772792 cut double

If you think all of the above was good and maybe this is more of a fantasy story more than a night down at the local pool then even I couldn’t have written the last couple of minutes of my laps any better as out of the locker room walked a guy in three striped Adidas Speedo style swimmers and I just couldn’t believe my luck.

Untitle3 stipe combod

I as watched this scene unfold before me the guy placed his towel on the peg on the wall and walked back to the shower next to the pool. In doing this I got to see his very round butt sit snuggly in his Speedos and some guys just have the right shaped butt that really look amazing in Lycra and this guy was one of them.

As I was just finishing up by the time my Speedo friend was entering the pool I was on my way out as Mike was already in the shower. As you can imagine after all of this I was quite excited and my Aussiebums weren’t hiding anything as I passed him on the stairs and headed for the showers.

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