Night ride with Teddy

This month whilst looking through my newsfeed on Facebook I came across the “People you might know” section and to my surprise the second suggestion was Mike’s flatmate Teddy and the memories of the last time I saw him came flooding back.

I meet Teddy about 2 years ago at Mike’s house warming and being that Teddy is a photographer and ex model he was a cool dude and we’d caught up for beers over that time but he was also a very keen cyclist I’d always hoped to get a chance to see him in his cycling Lycra.

I’d also been wanting to do the Dunwich Dynamo for a couple of years and last year my diary was free on the weekend but none of the other boys that I cycle with were around that weekend so I was really happy to hear Mike say that Teddy was doing it with his cycling club friends. Mike had text us each other’s mobile number but as Teddy was riding with his cycling club we hadn’t made firm plans to meet up and we were just going to play it by ear.

After checking the weather it was going to be a little unpredictable so I decided on a pair of black three quarter Mavic Lycra knickers a black cycling jersey and a light cycling rain jacket if the heavens decided to open up. After a few checks on the bike it was time to head off and the anticipation of the night ahead was running through me as I cycled off into the city. After about 20 minutes or so as I got closer to the park where the informal meeting point was the number of cyclists started to grow and I thought my chances of meeting up with Teddy and his Lycra clad cycling club friends were going to be slim to none.

As I walked my bike through the crowds of cyclists my mobile vibrated and it was a text from Teddy letting me know where they were all meeting up so I headed over in that direction. Lucky for me I spotted the cycling club colours and headed over to try and find him. Approaching the group there were all types of people in the scrum of club cyclists and when I finally spotted Teddy I wasn’t disappointed at the sight of him in his Rapha & cycling club Lycra kit. Mike had told me a couple of months ago that Teddy had a couple of bikes but despite this had spent £4,000 on a new bike and so is quite a serious cyclist and so knew he would be kitted out in some good kit.

As I approached, Teddy was sitting on the cross bar of his bike and he had his club cycling jersey and as my eyes moved down he had Rapha Bib shorts on and then black leg warmers to cover the rest of his legs. As he was sitting on his bike the most striking part that was catching my eye was the great fit of Teddy’s Rapha bib shorts and how they clung to his thighs. Teddy is lean but quite toned and with all of the cycling he does I had always imagined that he would fill out a pair of Lycra bib shorts in all the right places and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.


We started off with the crowds of people from the park and there were all sorts of bikes and people from the Lycra clad club crew to the people on cruisers with street clothes, but it took about 30 minutes to an hour of ducking and diving with Teddy’s cycling club crew until we were starting to get to a lot more green space and the cyclists started to thin out and after a little bit more we pulled into a service station for a feed stop.


As we were at the service station there were a small group of us that had stayed together and so far I had been riding behind Teddy a bit which meant I had got so see his Rapha bib shorts stretch out down his lower back from underneath the bulging pockets of his cycling jersey and spread out across his butt cheeks. I’m not sure it is the way that the Rapha bib shorts are cut but the panels seem to cut the right way across the body and I guess it is like a tailored suit it just enhances the body underneath. Either way I was mesmerised at times seeing how it accentuated the dimples in the sides of Teddy’s butt under the Lycra when each leg pedalled.

A couple of times there was a rider or two in between us as we stopped at the traffic lights as Teddy turned to have a little to chat to the rider behind I was able to take in the sight of the side of view and enjoyed seeing the bib shorts stretched around Teddy’s flat stomach and small waist and as my eyes looked a little lower there was no break in lycra as it started to flare out over Teddy’s hips and met with the start of his leg and butt muscles and continued without a break in the eye line and continued down over this thighs.


After that short feed break we moved off and I was able to stay with Teddy’s group for about another 30 minutes before they meet up with some others and it all got a little too competitive and I wasn’t able to keep up at their pace so I settled into a group which was more of my pace and knuckled down for the night of riding ahead.

As we rode through the night the weather had held out and with the pubs and difference feed stations along the way there was several chances to stop for a coffee and feed.

I didn’t see Teddy and the rest of his cycling club crew until I rode into the beach car park in the early hours of the next morning and as the last couple of hours of cycling had worn me down it was great to see and friendly face and one that looked so good in his Lycra was an added benefit. Teddy had been there for an hour or so as they cycling club crowd had smashed the distance in usual competitive style.

I headed inside the beach café to grab us a coffee and if it wasn’t so rammed with cyclist and their family and friends we might have stayed for a big breakfast but it would only be a coffee at this stage. When I finally got outside with our coffees the rain had started again so we headed for the one bit of cover and ended up in close quarters with Teddy and a few other cyclists under the little bit of cover there was.

As we were sheltering and drinking our coffees Teddy was asking me how I was planning to head back to London as he had planned on riding back to London but, the guys that he had planned to ride back with had crashed out during the night and there was no room on the Club coach back to London, so he was at a bit of a loss.

I had a rough plan to get back to London and so after our coffees we set off in search of the nearest train station. As it was just Teddy and I at this stage and we were both pretty knackered  after the night of riding we headed to the nearest train station but as we arrived it was only a small station and the train wouldn’t be there for another hour we decided to head the 25 miles to the next major town and train station.

We headed off following the road signs and just an idea of where we were going but as we pushed on Teddy was giving me some tips on my cycling and we were just chatting about the night. We stopped every now and then to check out the route on our phones and a couple of comforts breaks on the way. We decided to take the smaller roads through some market towns and it was another great opportunity to see Teddy in his bib shorts as he cycled in front of me and there were a few more hills so seeing him raise up out of his saddle and work the pedals up the hills was amazing.

As we were riding along a lane to my surprise Teddy stopped next to an opening in the hedge and started to look at his phone to check the route which I thought was a little strange as it wasn’t long since we had last checked the route and it was a straight lane with no turns in sight. I stopped next to him and after a minute or so he turned and said lets just pop in here for a minute as he motioned over to opening in the hedges and with that my heart started to race as I thought it was a bit out of the usual and didn’t know exactly what was going to happen next.


As we headed through the opening in the hedge into the field Teddy rested his bike up against the hedge on the other side and as his bike was so expensive I moved further along the hedge to rest my bike. Teddy said he needed to take a piss and a break as he legs were shot and with my heart racing with the situation I didn’t know if I would be able to piss without getting a little excited but as we were stopped I thought I would have to take the opportunity.

Over the time that we were at the beach and riding this last leg to get the train back to London I had had the opportunity to see the view of Teddy’s bib shorts from the front and as expected it was just as impressive as the back. As the Lycra panels of his shorts stretched down from his flat stomach to his pubic bone it was flat and tight as the sides of the shorts stretched down further to his thighs.

The front of his shorts stretched out and formed a very round full pouch as the Lycra strained and continued to meet where the Lycra started to cover the front of the seat pad that came out from between Teddy’s legs. Once again I’m not sure if it was the cut of his shorts but around Teddy’s inner thigh/groin area it was like the Lycra was painted on as you could see the Lycra panels wrap around his thighs and only at the last point possible it stopped pressing against the skin in his groin and then started to bugle out into the pouch which contained all of Teddy.

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