AussieBums under my suit…


As you might know I have a little addiction for AussieBum which has now definitely exceeded £500 worth and I have been anticipating my latest delivery as a couple of weeks back the shorts version of the WrestleMe one piece were on sale so I couldn’t resist getting one in every colour even the white although I knew the white was going to be one that was for a time when the guys weren’t around.

This week has been another crazy week and I’ve been struggling to get down to the pool so it was a real treat when I arrived back from work yesterday to find a bulging padded envelope on the table,.

As I went upstairs I couldn’t get to my room fast enough and as soon as I had the door shut behind me, my bag on the floor and hung my suit jacket up I ripped into the packet and emptied the contents onto my bed. I looked through what had fallen out and there in front of me were 3 WrestleMe shorts and 3 pairs of the nylon classic budgie smuggler style swimmers.

This batch of purchases were more about the items I’d seen on the site but knew that they would only be worn around my room or when on holiday somewhere as they would certainly get me in trouble at the local pool.

The two highlights of this delivery was a pair of classic yellow swimmers which would go a little see thru and the white WrestleMe shorts which definitely wouldn’t hide anything when wet.

I didn’t have much time to model everything before heading to bed but I did at least get to try a couple of them on.


Before turning out the lights last night I managed to gather the pile of new Aussiebums up into a pile next to the chest of drawers so when I woke up this morning they were one of the first things I saw, but it was like getting a new toy for Christmas but having no batteries to play with it.

I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to wait to get to try the rest of them on and then even longer for the right opportunity to where some of these outside my room, so I surprised myself when I came back in after a shower when the thought of wearing the white WrestleMe shorts under my suit popped into my head.

As I stood there next to the bed just with a towel wrapped around my waist letting this idea run through my head I run through my day in my head to see if this could work. I thought of the presentation that I had to give this afternoon and then the dinner meeting I had this evening and I could feel myself getting excited under the towel at the image in my head of myself standing there in these sexy white Lycra shorts whilst the rest of the department were sitting there seeing me standing there in my suit, shirt & tie.

I couldn’t resist the urge and so took my towel off and grabbed the white WreslteMe shorts and after stepping into to them I went over to look at them in the mirror and even though they weren’t wet there was no hiding the excitement that they were struggling to contain. After a minute or two of posing in the mirror my eyes caught a glimpse of the clock and I knew I had to get a move on to get to work so it was back to the matter at hand to finish getting into my suit and out the door.


As I rushed off to work the fact that I was now wearing a pair of white AussieBum WreslteMe shorts under my suit faded. It wasn’t until about mid morning when I got up out of my seat to go to the photocopier that my hand rubbed across my thigh and I could feel the stitching and design of the shorts that they were back into my consciousness,

As I stood at the photocopier I could feel the back to the shorts were sitting quite low over my arse and I could feel that they were just lower than where my belt was sitting and I was standing there just enjoying letting my mind feel the difference in fabric as my belt pushed against the fabric of my business shirts as it tucked into my suit trousers at the back run under my belt and trousers and was pressed against my skin just above my butt crack until it met the top of my white WrestleMe shorts.

As I returned to sit at my desk to continue with my work I could feel every now and then that my balls would twitch and tingle as the Lycra cradled them or something would brush across my leg and it felt like a sensual hand rubbing my leg through the Lycra. As my presentation got closer I was picturing myself standing there with just the white Lycra Aussiebum shorts but I knew I couldn’t let my thoughts get carried away during the presentation as whilst I was sitting there thinking about this there was a tent now emerging from under the Lycra and my suit trousers.


I managed to get through the presentation and the rest of the day with out any more tents in my trousers but before I knew it I was heading to the underground to head out for a working dinner. As I stood there waiting there my thoughts once again returned to what I was wearing under my suit.

After the train arrived it was the usual scrum to get in and as per usual at this time of night I found myself jammed in a small space with way to many strangers but as the train started to pull away I knew that this was going to be a little bit more enjoyable than usual.

As I was standing there as the tube train started to moved down the track I suddenly became aware that whilst normally someone’s bag or body rubbing up against you is pretty annoying this time what ever was rubbing up against my leg was just at the right height and for at least until the next station it was rubbing through my suit trousers and my AussieBum Lycra shorts I was secretly wearing under my suit and it felt great,

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