So many guys in Speedos at the pool…

Well I only managed one pool session this last week but I don’t know if all of the moons aligned but it seemed like the shower and change room was full of guys in Speedos. I had grabbed my pair of burgundy Aussiebums as I knew Mike was down so as you might know I am always a little safer with colour and design when the guys are down.

Aussiebum cut

As I  was running late I knew Mike would already be in his Speedo Jammers and be in the pool so I entered an empty locker room and changed into my burgundy AussieBums and headed for the showers to rinse of the day before heading out to the pool.

As I rounded the corner to the shower area the two cubicles nearest to the door had their doors closed so I headed for the furthest cubicle on the right side which looks straight out to where the shower head of the disabled shower is. The middle shower on the right side had it’s door open and I initially didn’t think it was being used but as I got closer I was caught by surprised to see a tall lean guy with his back to me and wearing a red pair of Speedos. As he had his head down under the shower head and was facing away from me I had the opportunity to double check I was seeing what I was seeing and paused for a couple of seconds to watch the water fall down over his shoulders down his spine to lower back and then rush over the wet red Lycra Speedos that were now clinging tight to his butt cheeks as they were soaking wet from his swim and standing under the shower.

As I stood under the shower in the cubicle next to this guy I was replaying what I had just seen over in my head and I wanted to move a little out of my cubicle and try and get another glimpse, but I would just have to be happy with replaying everything back in my mind.

After a quick rinse down I grabbed my googles and started for the door but I couldn’t resist glancing to my left and the guy was still under the shower in his red wet Speedos but was now facing out to the walk way from where I was now trying to get a glimpse of him. From the quick view that I got the front view certainly looked great although I couldn’t linger this time as I turned to look into the cubicle his head came forward from under the shower head and he was now looking in my direction.

ac064c269d0a357c40c2a1bddd8f8702 cutAfter leaving the red Speedos behind I headed out to the pool and could see that it was pretty busy and I spotted Mike over in the fast lane, so I jumped in and started swimming my laps. After a while I still hadn’t said anything to Mike as he was pretty in the zone and knocking out the laps.

Whilst swimming laps we were joined in the pool by the older chap that is regularly down swimming in his navy blue Speedos.

tyler-clary cutAfter a few laps more laps Mike started to get out of the pool and as we still hadn’t talked at this stage and as he got out of the pool and started to walk back to the locker room he spotted me and double backed and came to over to the side of the pool to have a chat. As I might have mentioned previously Mike wears black jammers and whilst looking up at him whilst talking to him there was no missing his huge bulge in his jammers, but I’ll save that for another blog as this is about a night of Speedos. After a quick chat with Mike and a few more laps I was back into the showers and whilst I was in there the older chap came in for a quick rinse off.

It was a pretty good trip to the pool so far and I was feeling good as I dried off in the locker room, but just when I thought I had had a very lucky night for Lycra eye candy as I was drying off I realised that the Army Guy that I saw a few weeks back was at the bench directly across from me and was just changing into his classic black speedos. As he slipped his boxers down from the view that I was getting he certainly wasn’t one of these guys that tries to hide from others in the locker room and I couldn’t help but try and watch whilst he grab his black speedos off the bench and arranged them in his hands before bending forward to step into them.

Mike was just finishing off getting changed as was near us in the locker room as well so I was conscious that I couldn’t look as much as I would if I was alone but I did get to see him pull them up the last bit over his thighs and as the Lycra stretched up over his round firm butt and as his hands moved forward under the waist band of his Speedos, he reached one hand down the front of them to adjust himself. After a bit of adjustment he tied the cord tucked it in and started to pack up his clothes. I had a great view of him in his Speedos whilst he stuffed his gear into the locker.


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