Under Vinci’s bathrobe..

Whilst away on our ski week in France last month I had a couple of days where I had to open the laptop and do a bit of work before heading out to the slopes. As per usual I got up for breakfast with everyone else to discuss what the plan for the day was and to work out a meeting point for lunch. This particular morning I had my Skins Black tights on and black thermal Lycra top on whilst eating breakfast.

Most of the chalet was up and out at normal time but because of a few big nights of Après-Ski a few people were still in bed. After breakfast those that were up headed out which left an empty chalet for me to do a bit of work, but after about 30 minutes of sitting at the table in my Skins leggings and Lycra top working away I heard someone stir in one of the bedrooms. After a few minutes Annaliese appeared in the lounge wrapped in her white towelling robe that we all had supplied by the chalet.

Annaliese was a petite blonde bombshell and as she made her way across the lounge room she had the robe tightly wrapped and tied and it looked like that it was all she was wearing as she had bare legs and no other material was visible under the robe. Annaliese proceeded to make us a tea before settling on the couch to watch a bit of breakfast TV.

The chalet had an open plan lounge dinner and kitchen arrangement, I was sitting with my back to the windows so I was facing the small kitchen and lounge area which had two 3-seater sofas arranged in an L shaped arrangement around a coffee table. Annaliese had settled on the couch closest to me and as she sat watching TV we chatted about the previous evening and I noticed a couple of times she was making sure her robe was wrapped around her tightly which was disappointing as from where I was sitting if it was loosely wrapped I would have been able to see down here top so to speak.

After a little while there was stirring from Vinci’s room and before we knew it he also appeared wrapped in his white towelling robe but unlike Annaliese his robe was loosely wrapped and tied on him which created a large V shape showing that he wasn’t wearing a top under his robe and as he walked across the lounge my eyes quickly were drawn to his legs as from under his robe you could see red Lycra which continued down from his knees to about mid-calf.


The red flash of Lycra certainly set my heart racing and it was like a switch had gone off in my head and I was now fixated on Vinci and his red Lycra ¾ tights under his white towelling robe. Vinci walked past the table and into the kitchen to re-boil the water for a tea and whilst he was in the kitchen making the tea I saw over the top of my laptop that his robe was so loosely tied that it had fallen open, but unfortunately he had his back to me so all I could still see were the bottoms of his red tights stretched across the back of his legs.

I was however imaging the view from the front though as Vinci was a part-time model so had a lean but toned tall body and the view from that front would be amazing as the robe hung from his shoulders and fell down over his pecs and continued to hang down over his flat stomach with a section of skin visible until top of his tights started. The gap in between the two front sides of his robe would have framed his bulge in his Lycra perfectly and then if I could take my eyes off it the gap would then show the inside parts of his thighs as the Lycra stretched out across them down to his knees and further.

I tried to keep my eyes peeled to see if Vinci would turn my way and hoped that he might leave his robe open as he walked back towards the table, but after a few minutes of watching him go back and forth getting his breakfast and a cup of tea I hadn’t managed to get a clear look at any of him above his knees. I could see he was finishing up his prep and my heart was racing with anticipation, but then in the next breathe he grabbed both sides of the front of his robe and overlapped them before tying them in place before turning to face me and walk back to sit on the spare lounge opposite Annaliese and thankfully the sofa which was facing me square on.

As Vinci sat down on the couch, placing his tea down on the coffee table and settling into the back of the couch with his breakfast, his legs fall slightly apart and the two lower parts of the front of his robe fell across his thighs and with his legs apart it caused his robe to come apart and settle on the couch in between his legs. As he sat there eating his breakfast I couldn’t resist and I just had to look.

As I looked across the coffee table was just covering the bottom of this tights so the red Lycra was clinging so tightly to his toned legs you could be forgiven to think that they went all the way down to his ankles. As my eyes moved up his legs from the coffee table the red Lycra had a bit of a shine to it and accentuated Vinci’s leg muscles as his lower leg muscles raised up and tapered into his knees and as the Lycra stretched across his knees over his thighs the combination of the contrasting stitching and the shine of the Lycra showed the definition of his muscles underneath which was just so exciting the I was starting to get excited and had to adjust the way I was sitting.

I tried to concentrate on my work whilst Vinci and Annaliese were sitting there, but I was just looking at the same thing over and over in between glancing over to see if any more of his tights were revealed from underneath his robe but it wasn’t until he had finished his breakfast and picked his cup of tea up and started to recline a little into the sofa that Vinci’s robe start to fall further off his thighs and reveal a bit more of his Lycra covered legs.

Over his cup of tea Vinci moved on the sofa into a more and more reclined position and by the end of his tea both feet had moved from the floor and were now extended fully on the sofa and his robe had loosened itself enough that the lower part of the front of his robe that was closest to me was now only covering to the top of his thigh and the rest was resting on the sofa next to his toned thigh.

I could feel myself getting excited again at the red Lycra leg that was stretched out in front of me as the colour of his Lycra was really accentuating all the muscles in Vinci’s leg and as his shifted his weight you could see the muscles in his legs under the Lycra flex and move. If I was sitting over closer I would have to use all of my will power to stop myself from reaching over and running my hand along his red Lycra clad leg.

I wanted so much to get up from where I was sitting and walk across the other side of the room so that I get a different view but if I stood up now there would be no hiding the excitement that had grown in my own Lycra tights.

Luckily for me though that it wasn’t long before Vinci moved to get up and to my delight when he did his robe had settled enough on the sofa that when he stood up he seems to step out of the bottom part of his robe with this part of his robe being the last thing to leave the sofa. However he was quick to cover up but lucky for me in the time it took for him to put his mug on the coffee table to free up his hands so that he could grab the sides of his robe up and overlap them and loosely tie it close it gave me an amazing view of the top part of his Lycra tights.


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