Hot European couple in Chalet Sauna..

So a couple of weeks back I was in the Alps for the annual pilgrimage to the snow and this year I had brought some new Lycra for the trip. As we were going back to the same apartment complex as a previous year I knew that there was a jacuzzi outdoors in the court-yard which was overlooked by the apartment balconies. Additionally there was a communal steam room and sauna which I had used previously so I had my AussieBum Noosa swimmers ready this year.

Aussiebum Noosa

It was a couple of days into the trip before I got sometime away from the friends to head down to the sauna but for the first couple of days it was pretty uneventful with no Lycra candy at all to speak of. Midweek the weather had turned and so we all decided to head in early so whilst most of the group headed down for beers I thought I would take the opportunity to go to the sauna and sit in the jacuzzi in the snow for a while.

I put my AussieBum Noosa swimmers on under my white robe and headed for the sauna, when I got there I found it empty so I sat in the sauna for about 10-15 minutes before heading outside to the outdoor jacuzzi. In my previous visits to the Jacuzzi I had only encountered one other older chap using it once so as I came out the door I heard the bubbles going and some steam raising over the snow-covered fence so as I rounded the corner and reached the gate my heart started to race as in the Jacuzzi was a young European couple bubbling away.


As I approached the jacuzzi I could see that she had a bikini on and was rather toned and her bikini top seem to struggle to contain her breasts and I had felt like all of my birthdays had come at once being about to jump in the jacuzzi with this couple.

As they glanced up and started to shuffle closer together to make space for me I took my robe off and flicked my flip flops off before folding my rob loosely and placing it on top of them hoping that it would all be covered in snow when I got out. I headed for the steps and as I stepped into the water both of them were looking up at me and I wasn’t sure whether they were checking me out of just making sure I didn’t slip and fall on top of them.

As I settled into my seat they were talking amongst themselves in what I think was Dutch so I settled in and just enjoyed the view. As I was sitting there the guy was closest to me and through the bubble I could see that he had some black shorts on but I couldn’t tell if there were tight Lycra or loose rugby style shorts. The girl’s bikini was pink with a little floral pattern over them and I was just enjoy getting to glance over and see the pink Lycra stretched out from the tiny straps that came over her shoulders down over her breast.


After a couple minutes of bubbling away the bubbles stopped and whilst we were waiting for them to reset the water started to calm down which allowed me get a clearer view of what they were wearing under the water. As expected the girl had matching bottoms to her bikini top but as I was sitting closer to the guy as the water calmed I could start to see that he was wearing black square cut Speedos which whilst it would have been great to see Speedo briefs these were much better then loose shorts.

We sat there for about another 5 minutes before that couple stood up to headed back inside and I had my fingers crossed back into the sauna to warm up. The girl stood up first and her bottoms were having a hard time just like the top to cling onto her toned arse. As the guy stood up and his body emerged from under the water from my view point he had a lean torso which lead right down into his square cut Speedos and it was a great sight as he stepped out of the Jacuzzi watching the black Lycra stretch and move as his arse and legs flexed.

I hadn’t seen them in the Sauna or steam room area when I was in previously so I was hoping that they had just decided to jacuzzi first and sitting in the sauna with them would give me some more chances to check them out without the water covering them up. After about another 10 minutes parts of my wet hair was starting to get icy so I thought it might be a good time as any to head back indoors to see whether the couple were warming up.

As I stepped out Jacuzzi I could see that the ice blue and white fabric in my swimmers was now wet and therefore pretty see through so I knew if they were in the sauna there was no hiding what was in my trunks. After putting on my robe and heading inside I was please to see two towels hanging on the hooks outside the steam room and hoped it was the couple from outside. I hung my robe up and jumped under the shower whilst rinsing off I thought I would head for the sauna first and then move into the steam room so it didn’t look to obvious.

As I came out of the shower I glanced in through the steam room door but I couldn’t really make much out so just continued onto the sauna. I went into the empty sauna and placed my towel down on the top bench and sat down and leant back against the wall and got comfortable.

After being in the sauna for a couple of minutes I could hear talking from the steam room and it sounded like the couple from the Jacuzzi so I just sat there for a while imagining them stretched out on the benches in their Lycra swimmers and as I was doing this I started to get excited and as my trunks were pretty see through already there was now no hiding what was in them as it was pressing against the Lycra which was struggling to contain it.

After about few more minutes of sitting there I heard the door to the steam room open and the couple head to the shower. After their shower I was still sitting on the top bench of the sauna when I saw the girl appear at the glass sauna door with a towel wrapped around her closely followed by the guy.

As they entered the sauna the girl headed for the top bench and took her towel off to put on the bench and to my surprise she had lost the bikini some where between the jacuzzi and here. As she sat down next to me the guy came into the sauna as well and he had a towel wrapped around his waist and so I wasn’t sure whether his Speedo square cut trunks had suffered the same fate as her bikini.

As we sat there I couldn’t believe my luck and could’ve pinched myself as I was living every teenage boys fantasy about European saunas.

As the guy sat down his towel was wrapped around his waist and there wasn’t the need to take it fully off like the girl had had to so that she could sit on it and he seemed a bit more reserved about taking it off. The guy sat down on the lower bench next to the door and whilst initially sitting there with his towel still tucked into his waist after about a minute he untucked the towel and let it fall open revealing that his Speedos had also gone missing.

girls18a cut-weight-saunaa

We sat there for about 10 minutes with out a word spoken, this hot naked Dutch couple and I all hot and sweaty in my see through AussieBum trunks that were straining against my excitement. Finally the silence was broken when the girl said something to her partner before standing up and in the process hitting her head on the roof of the sauna. I remember glancing over as she did and getting a great view of her naked breast jiggling as she moved down from the top bench and out of the door.

Aussiebum Noosa

Surprisingly this time though the guy didn’t follow immediately and stayed where he was whilst we could hear his partner jump under the shower. As the two of us sat their it was lucky that he was sitting under the sauna timer as a couple of times I looked in that direction and I could see that he was glancing over at the bulge in my AussieBums.

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