Guy with a flat tyre, so I thought..

The last couple of weeks I’ve been travelling so not much time to blog but there has been so much Lycra to blog about, so I have a few draft blogs on the go so I’ll hopefully be able to get them up in the next week or so, but before I get into to the travel stories I must tell you about a cyclist I saw walking his bike along the road the morning after I saw the Army guy in his little black Speedos at the pool.

Cycle big boy 2

It was the last day of work before heading off on holiday so I didn’t take the bike to work and as I started to walk out of my street onto the main street heading down to the local green I was definitely in autopilot. About a minute or so I noticed a Lycra clad cyclist on the other side of the road pushing his bike so I thought he must have had a flat tyre or something. As I was walking along the road on the opposite pavement I couldn’t help but look across at this guy and check out his cycling kit.

He was wearing long black bib tights and a red cycling jacket which on him sat higher on his waist than the usual kit. It was amazing to watch this guy walk along the street as from across the street looking side on the plain black bib tights accentuated all of the curves up his calves narrowing to his knees and then flaring out to show all of the muscles in his thighs before narrowing and then flaring out again as the Lycra stretched over his pert arse. Amazingly with his short jacket I could see the Lycra covering his arse and where it narrowed into his waist before it went under his Jacket and up into the straps that went across his flat stomach, over his chest and over his broad shoulders.

After walking about a block I couldn’t resist and instead of crossing over to get my bus at the green I crossed the road at the lights and continued walking behind him and as I was now less than two metres away from him I was getting an amazing chance to see this guy walk in his cleats and cycling kit. We continued to walk towards the green and a couple of times he stopped to check his phone and as I walked passed him I though that was all I was going to see but then a minute later he was walk past into a stead pace in front of me again.

This happened a couple of times and the view from behind was even better than from across the street.  As my eyes moved over his Lycra covered legs there was no mistaking this guy was not your average lean thin cyclist as his legs where solid and even though his build was solid he was toned and a cross between a body builder and a rugby player.

Cycle Big boy 1

As he pushed his blue Genesis bike along in front of me I was just amazed at how well the plain black Lycra was enhancing his body’s natural curves and even though he wasn’t you typical cyclist this Lycra clad cyclist was just confident in his tights and showing that there is something to say for what Lycra does for a toned body whatever build it is.

After walking along behind this cyclist for a while I knew we were coming up to the green and the two bike shops so I thought if this guy had a mechanical then he was pushing his bike up for to one of the bike shops. As we approached the bike shop on our side of the street I was preparing to try and get one more glimpse of this guy from a different angle but to my surpise the bike shop came and went and this guy was still walking up towards the green where I’d be catching my bus.

We continued to walk for a little while and then all of a sudden he turned off towards the pool and I had to continue along the road, after about another a minute I thought that I might just try my luck and walk back past the turn off and see whether he had gone into the pool or whether he was waiting for someone. As I neared the corner he came around the corner and was heading in my direction so I tried to keep my composure whilst trying to take in the view from the front. After he passed me I continued to walk down the street in the opposite direction for a minute or so as I couldn’t immediately turn and start to follow him again.

After I finally turned back around headed back towards the green in the original direction I could see that he had stopped a little past the pool turn off and was looking to cross the road. As I was heading back he crossed the road just before I got to go there and as I continued on my original path I kept glancing across to watch him walk along the street and as we approached the green he stopped as if he was waiting for someone and with one last glimpse I continued on towards my bus stop. This guy in his Lycra had made my morning walk to the bus a truly fantastic Lycra experience and with his high cut top allowing his Lycra Bib tights to do their work and show off his amazingly toned legs waist, groin and butt.


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