Army Guy in his little black speedo

I only managed one trip to the pool this week and as Mike was away on business I knew it would all be about the laps and maybe some Speedo watching if I was lucky. As I walked in to the changing room there were a few guys drying off and so gauging from this it looked like it was going to be a busy night at the local.

After changing out of my cycling gear into my Speedos I headed for a quick shower and then out to the pool which as expected was busy. As I walked along the side of the pool I did a quick scan of the pool to see who was there, with not too many regular bodies that I knew there.

Waiting against the wall whilst I adjusted my goggles I was watching the swimmers in my lane which was very busy and trying to judge a good gap to get into. After a few laps I was starting to take the opportunity of an underwater view at the other swimmers and had noticed a couple of guys in jammers in the lane next to me, a few guys in boxer cut suits and then I noticed a guy in my lane with a classic black Speedo brief on.

On the next couple of laps around I was having a quick glance in his direction as he did his tumble turns and pushing off from the wall and gliding through the water and as his body stretched out I was just enjoying the long streamlined shape and admiring how his Speedo seems to be clinging on for its life as the water pressure rushed over his body. I love the view you can get when watching someone glide through the water and their bathers are slipping down a little bit from their normal position due to the water pressure.

As he was pushing off the wall and gliding until he took his first stroke all the way through his core and thighs was tensed and it created an amazing view. If he had loose swimmers on it wouldn’t have been as good as his Speedos with their clinging fit certainly enhanced this view. One of the best parts is when your eyes moves from the shoulder blades along the torso where it narrows into the lower back and waist and then flares up in the butt cheeks but before your eyes go any further the Speedos are hugging the hips and create a shadowy void as they stretch across between the tensed butt cheeks they create a black shadow where the skin continues between the cheeks.

Black Speedo 2

As we continued to swim I had seen him leaning up against the wall taking a quick break between sets of laps and noticed that one his left hip there were some logos, but I couldn’t quite read them in the pool so I was hoping that we might meet in the shower area later so I could see what types of trunks he was wearing.

After a few mores laps I got to get more views of him swimming and watching him in his Speedos underwater and it was a great treat as I had a few chances to look across as he passed me and from that angle as he stretched out his stomach was flat, tense and as the drawstring in his Speedos stretched the Lycra across his pubic bone it created a little gap and another inviting shadowy void that you just can’t get when wearing other suits.

Black Speedo Guy1

After my laps I was starting to wonder when this guy was going to be finishing up and heading to the showers as I was starting to get to the end of my laps and would soon be ready to hit the showers. I finished off my laps and headed for the showers and was hoping that he had wouldn’t be far off finishing up as well.

Heading to the shower area I jumped into the first shower cubicle on the left next to the disabled shower which didn’t have a door and that gave me a sight line back into the changing room. As I was in the shower I had lathered up and whilst still wearing my Speedos I was just in the process of rinsing it off when one of the guys in his Jammers came in and headed to one to the cubicles. I wasn’t going to take my Speedos off yet as I was hoping he would be finishing up soon. Within another minute or two I saw him come from the pool area and head to his locker which was out of sight from the shower cubicle.

I wasn’t sure if he would be in for a shower or not so I waited with my back towards the shower head facing out towards the changing room to catch sight of him as he walked past into one of the shower cubicles. As I stood there with the water running over my chest, stomach and bulge in my Speedos which after the first lathering up the drawstrings had untied and were now hanging down the front of them, I saw the guy round the corner and walk towards the shower area and as he passed my cubicle I got the chance to see that the logos on his left hip were the Speedo Logo and as the Lycra loosely clung across his pubic bone and you could see the Lycra cling as his cock was sitting straight down over his balls and I thought these must be the equivalent of the little black dress and how classically, simple and hot this guy looked in his little black Speedos.

Black Speedo Guy 3

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