The Boss’s wet cycling kit

The weather this week has been a bit all over the place this week and as I mentioned in a previous blog post I was planning to get back into my long black Mavic bib tights and they were certainly needed this week. The wind has been a fun factor when out on the road but I’ve had a couple of rides where I have come home soaked through.

On Tuesday morning I headed out for a few extra miles before getting to the office so by the time I got there locked the bike up and heading up to my desk my cycling kit was soaked through. I usually head straight up to my desk and as I did this to drop my bag off mostly everyone else was in so I quickly stripped down to just jersey and bib tights at my desk and then headed off to have a shower.

As I headed up to the next floor the shower room that I usually use was being used by someone so I headed up to the top floor where the director’s office are to see if that shower was free. The shower up on the top floor is much bigger than the others in the building with a full length mirror on one wall. I have also used it a couple of times in the summer as the other ones were busy but a couple of times as I was heading towards them I had passed one of the directors coming out of it and I’d also seen him down at the bicycle area as well over the time I had been there so I’ve always been a little nervous when using it.

Luckily it was free so I went in and as I closed the door behind me I noticed that there was wet cycling gear handing up on wire hangers or laid over the bench at one end. I locked the door and started to put my towel over the hook and shower gel in the shower cubicle but by this time the temptation to look at the Lycra hanging up was too great.

There was a jersey and base layer hanging on the back of the door drying and the jersey was part of the Cervelo Castelli kit and as I had a look at these I could feel that they were quite moist so this guy’s waterproof had kept them mostly dry from the downpours. The next thing I noticed was that there were two black leg warmers laid over the end of the bench and I have always been interested in these as I have always worn full Lycra bib tights in the winter so have always wondered what it would fell like to have these on under normal bib shorts.

Next to the bench was a set of 6 lockers and hanging off the front of these was his jacket, but the real thing that caught my attention were the bib shorts which were hanging inside out so I could see the pad that would have been rubbing against him as he rode along this morning. By this stage I couldn’t help myself so I grabbed a leg noticing that the lycra was almost soaked through and rolled the bottom of one leg up to try and see the design on them and as I expected they were the matching bib shorts to the Cervelo Castelli Jersey that was hanging on the back of the door and I instantly knew that I was now touching the Director’s cycling kit which I’d seen him in once over the summer.

Cervelo Castelli

My heart was racing by this stage and I was starting to get hard in my own cycling kit at this stage as I stood there looking and feeling the bib shorts.

I started to get ready for the shower by taking my jersey off and then as I started to get out of my soaking wet bib tights I kept looking at the Director’s wet cycling kit around the room and started to think about what it’d be like to wear it and the temptation was to great and it was a rare opportunity to try it on so once I was completely naked I sat down on the bench and grabbed one of the black leg warmers and noticed that they were fleece lined so thought they were really going to feel great against my skin.

Castelli leg warmers

I gathered them up one at time and proceeded to pull the up my legs and they felt great against my skin but initially I felt a big funny in them as the tops of them stopped short on the tops of my thighs, but once I had both on I stood up and walked over to look at them in the mirror. As I stood there in just the leg warmers they felt great and looked just as good as the full length cycling tights I was used to wearing. I moved back and forward a bit to check them out and as there was nothing covering or supporting my cock and balls I was rock hard standing there in the Director’s cycling leg warmers.

I moved back over to lockers and paused to look at the bib shorts again before once again giving into temptation and taking them off the wire hanger. I couldn’t believe this was happening but I proceeded to turn them inside out and then to put them on over the black leg warmers. As I pulled them up over my bum and my hard cock there was going to be no hiding the bulge that the wet Lycra created as I finished off slipping the straps over my shoulders. As I moved back over to the mirror I was so excited by the fact I was now wearing the same Lycra that was cradling my balls and arse and straining to contain my hard cock that was against the Directors cock and balls earlier that morning.

Cervelo Castelli

As I stood in front of the mirror in the wet leg warmers and bib shorts I was just moving around checking them out from the front and behind and occasionally as my hand moved back across my crotch rubbing my hard cock through the wet Lycra was unavoidable and it felt absolutely amazing.


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2 thoughts on “The Boss’s wet cycling kit

  1. I love taking a shower in my gear after a long ride..I did 44 miles yesterday and hopped in the shower in my gear to cool down and work out the kinks in my back


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