Classic Black cycling bib tights


First full week back in the office so back on the bike and what a week it has been. There is certainly a change in not only the amount of layers needed to ride here to being in the warmer weather but there is a noticeable lack of colour in what the cyclist are wearing. Although I was a bit down on the lack of colour and missing the sun I soon started come around to the simplicity of the black cycle bib tights and even cycling through Clapham Common and noticing the black running tights I feel like my taste had gone a little retro with all that I’ve seen this week.

Black Collage

As I cycled along embankment I pulled up to the lights and as I approached I could see a couple of tall cyclists waiting at the red lights. From behind they were both lean and they had tight cycling jackets on and black cycling bib tights. As they lent forward on their handlebars their jackets rode up and I could see their bibs stretched across their lower backs and then stretch down across their butts and especially for the leg that was extended down to the road it was one long line down to their ankles. I bet these guys have great bodies out of their Lycra but the way the constant unbroken black that run from under their tops over their bum, thighs down to their calves and under their over shoes, made them look it was certainly sex on wheels.

As we took off once the lights went green I watched as we took off west and it was great to see their muscles under the Lycra and on of the cyclists tights had a shinier finish than the other which really made the movement more noticeably. As we continued along embankment we had caught up to other cyclists in an array of Black Lycra tights and looking around at all the different shapes & sizes of legs covered Black Lycra I was starting to have a nostalgic feeling to when I was growing and all of the cycling kits had colourful jerseys but it was always be plan black shorts.


Besides from way the black bib tights look so great as they elongate the legs I am always amazed how great they look across the pubic bone and how sexy it looks as the Lycra stretches across the abs to the pubic bone where it slowly falls to the base of the cock but before getting there starts to raise against where the tops of the thighs start and then continues as the black Lycra starts to flare out over their toned thighs.

I’ve been wearing my three quarter Mavic bibs but after this week I’ll be getting back into my Black Cycling Bib Tights and hope that whoever pulls up beside or behind me at the lights gets the enjoyment out of the Classic Black tights as I have this week.


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