Tri Suits

A few weeks back I was tidying up my room and came across my 2XU black Tri suit which I got when I did the London Triathlon a couple of years ago. I decided to give it another outing so the next day when I was getting ready for my cycle I put it on as a base layer under my cycling gear and it was a great feeling to have that back on again.

Black 2XU

After finishing work and heading to the toilets to get back into my cycling gear for the ride home I took a minute whilst changing to check it out in the full length mirror and as I was doing that my mind went back to the first time I put the Tri suit on in the store changing rooms. Remembering how excited I was when I first tried it on partly because it felt so good and partly I think because I knew in the next changing room was my friend Pierce (who was also doing the Triathlon with me) was trying a similar suit on but in red.

Unfortunately even though Pierce and I were talking over the changing room wall whilst we tried it on he was a little shy to come out of the changing room and I was to excited so I didn’t get to see Pierce in his Tri suit.

Up until this point Pierce and I had been training at each event separately and so we decided the weekend after getting our Tri suits that we would do a full dress rehearsal and do a run through all of the events in our Tri suits and up until this stage I had only seen Pierce in cycling Lycra and dork shorts at the pool.

When I arrived at Pierce’s place to drop everything off as we were going to use his place as a base he opened the door just in his red 2XU Tri suit and man did it look good on him. Pierce has a natural swimmers body and even though I had seen him in black Lycra cycling shorts before the red of the suit just enhanced everything and I knew this was going to be a good day and was definitely looking forward to seeing the suit after our swim.

We headed off on the bikes out towards Hyde Park where we would do some laps before heading to the Serpentine to put our wetsuits on and do the swim section. After a few streets Pierce pulled in front of me on his bike and as he did I couldn’t help but notice how his red Tri suit was accentuating his very toned round butt checks and as we continued to ride I couldn’t stop looking (as I had never seen Pierce from this angle before). His Tri suit was hugging his shoulders and lats and as my eyes ran down his back it was like it was painted on his body, it was fitting him that well. I was mesmerized to say the least to see how amazing his butt looked in the red Lycra and from the back he was looking like someone had sculptured this all and then spray painted it red.

G's tri Suit

After getting to the Serpentine and doing our swim the time had finally come and we were getting out of our wetsuits under the outdoor showers and I couldn’t help but try and look as Pierce was just under the shower in his Tri suit. I was getting the full 360 degree view of him in his wet red Lycra and the front view didn’t disappoint either as it was clinging to his chest and flat stomach as he washed the pond water off. As my eyes moved down the suit it was great to see a nice pouch shape that cradled his bulge nicely as the Tri suit continued down hugging his thighs.

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