Triathletes changing at the beach

I’m back in London now so time to catch up on some blogging. So in an earlier post during the an early morning visit to the local beach this morning there were two chaps that were worth a mention here as they were living the Lycra Dream. The temperature was going to be in the mid 30’s so everyone was out at the crack of dawn to get their exercise in before the heat of the day kicked in so as Dad and I approached the beach there were quite a few cyclist we had passed and so I was hopeful of seeing some Speedos or Cycling Lycra when we actually got to the foreshore and beach itself. As we passed the main café at our end of the beach and crossed the top car park I could see that the bottom car park was about half full and a few people either getting into their cars or just getting ready to head down to the beach. As we got to the top of the stairs out of the corner of my eye I could see two guys running down from the north end of the north end of the car park and as they continued and moved closer into view I could see that they were wearing Triathlon or Ironman kit similar to the guys below. Kellogg+s+Nutri+Grain+Ironman+m-jDUrwEqv9l Both guys were wearing Lycra cropped vests with one guy wearing black jammers and the other was wearing black speedo style swimmers. As we crossed the lower car park I lost sight of them as the cars were blocking my view but as we came to top of the path down to the beach I glanced to my right to try and see where the guys had gone to and I was glad to see they stopped at a car and were just opening up the tailgate of a car. The guy in the jammers was the one opening the car with the other guy standing back a little which gave me a quick but great front view of his Lycra kit and what an impressive sight it was. His Lycra top was stretched tight across his chest and his nipples were very visible and his Lycra top also accentuated his broad shoulders which lead to down so a hint of a 6 pack and a narrow waist. We continued down to the beach path and drop our towels just off the path and started to strip down to our swimming gear. By the time I had taken my board shorts and shirt off and standing there just in my blue arena trunks I noticed the two chaps from the carpark walk past us and drop a couple of towels a couple of metres away from us. As they past us I now had a great view of the guy in the black Speedos from behind and I was amazed to see that he had Shimano printed across his bum which really showed off his rounded toned arse cheeks. shimano balck speedo Both guys were certainly rocking great bodies and their Lycra kit certainly enhanced their athletic bodies but I really had to keep myself in check when I saw the guys Shimano Black Speedos as I was with my Dad and I knew my blue arena briefs weren’t going to hide any excitement. I also knew that I was going to have to try and get a pair of these Shimano Black Speedos for my collection.

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