Running man

Happy New Year!

A lazy day at home today to get unpacked and ready for work in the morning so I wasn’t expecting any Lycra today, but thankfully a trip to the shops to stock up on food. On the way back from Camberwell Green heading up the main road I noticed a jogger coming towards me and I could see that he was wearing running tights with no shorts over the top like most guys.

As he approached I could see he had black running tights on with yellow detailing (similar to those pictured below) that wrapped around his legs just above the knee and he was  wearing a thermal black top that finished at his waist wouldn’t cover any bulge. As he was approaching he had a good pace and I was going to have to be quick to try and get a glimpse of any possible bulge as he ran past. When he was about 10 meters I looked towards him to see where his gaze was so I could try to look without him catching me and he was looking in my direction so this was going to be hard. He kept looking in my direction and it was only until he was about a meter away from him that I dared to look down and see where I could grab a glimpse of any bulge.


Thankfully I managed to gaze down at the right time and could make out that his cock and balls which were pushed to the left and was a decent size.

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