Scuba Diving Speedo

So yesterday was a day of diving to try to get some crays so an early start to head down to the marina to grab my hire gear and head out on the dive boat. There was the usually groups of people on  the dive boat with about 20 divers signed up for the day with an hour out to our first dive spot so a bit of time to grab a coffee and catch up with my friend Peter.

On the journey out it was also a good chance to start to get the kit off ready for the scramble into our wetsuits and other scuba gear when we arrived so as we stood on the upper deck chatting I took my shirt off and started to get some sunscreen on ready for the day ahead. I once again had my blue arena trunks on under my board shorts and as these sit a bit higher than where the waist band of my board shorts sit, the top bit of them at least was on show whilst we stood around chatting with our shirts off. Peter doesn’t wear Speedos so he will generally just strip down to his boxers when he puts his wetsuit on so I wasn’t sure whether there were going to be any other Speedos making an appearance today.

As we got close to the first dive site the dive master called us down for a briefing of the dive and as we were all in the one area most of the divers had done as I had done and were down to shorts ready to kit up but besides the top of my blue pair there was no Speedos in site. During the dive briefing we had arrived at the dive site so once that had finished the scramble was on to get kitted up buddy checked and into the water.

As I was getting ready next to Peter across the deck from us there was a couple that were getting ready and she stripped down to a brown bikini to put her wetsuit on and she had a smoking body to go with it. Her boyfriend was also rather toned and up until this point had been sporting a pair of black board shorts which sat snuggly on his waist and didn’t give anything away to what might be lying beneath. Luckily I was facing the right direction for the moment that he started to get into his wetsuit and as he was facing away from us I felt a bit more relaxed to glance in that general direction more.

The guy unbuttoned his board shorts and ripped the velcro fly apart and in one smooth move,  moved his hands around his waistband and pulled his board shorts down to reveal a very firm toned butt covered in traditional style navy blue Speedos which were tight and fitted very well almost cradling his but cheeks in all of the right places. It wasn’t long though however that they were getting covered up again by his wetsuit but now that I know they were there it was hard to forget about them


When finished our buddy checks we were in the water, but to be honest whilst we were diving I was replaying the appearance of those speedos back through my mind and was wondering if during the lunch between dives they might make another appearance. We had a great first dive and Peter  managed to catch a couple of crays which made his day and as we surfaced there were a few divers coming up at the same time, the couple was one of the groups. They both had great physiques and I later over heard them talking about Triathlons so can see how they go them, but as I was watching them swim back to the boat and ascend the ladder it was a bit hard not to undress them and imagine them just in their bikini and Speedos.

As we headed back to our areas and started to get out of our kit and change tanks ready for the second dive I once again couldn’t help but try and get another glimpse of his Speedos as so far I had only seen them from the back. As they were working to get everything sorted for the second dive I could see them almost ready to unzip their wetsuits and I could feel myself getting hard at the thought of what was beneath them.

I had to try and hide my growing bulge whilst I was finishing my kit prep with Peter but as the couple started to unzip I made sure I was in a position to watch the show. As the water temperature was quite warm we were all just wearing thin surfing style wetsuits so they unzipped their wetsuits at the back and as they peeled them off their shoulders I could feel the anticipation and excitement growing and then they continued to peel them down to their waists and unfortunately that is where they stopped so my imagination is going to be working over time as we take a break.

Even with his wetsuit peeled down to his waist the way they hugged his bum was great and the thought the Speedos underneath was getting a little unbearable. During the break I took every opportunity to steal a glance I could but as the wetsuit fell forward over his front all of the Speedo Eye Candy would be from behind.

After lunch and a bit of a chill we were ready for our second dive so we got our gear on and jumped in. This dive was on a wreck so it spread the group out a little more over the dive so when we surfaced we were a little further from the boat than most of the divers so after a bit of a surface swim we were one of the last groups to ascend the ladder and head back on board.

As we gathered our fins and started to head back into the undercover section of the boat and I quickly scanned the scene to see whether the couple were back on board and to my delight they must have been back for a little bit as they were out of their wetsuits and still facing way from us but the view from behind was still making my cock start to twitch at the sight of it. As I was getting out of my gear I tried my best to keep an eye out to catch the front view of this guy in his navy Speedos.

After about a minute or so the guy turned and headed to front of the boat and I got to see a side view but unfortunately with everyone on the deck I didn’t manage to see anything more of what I had already seen. I keep my eyes focussed forward as I knew my opportunity would be on his return to our part of the boat. After a few minutes in the forward cabin out of the corner of my eye I could see some movement and so looked up to see they guy heading down to our part of the boat. I had to take my opportunity so turned to see him come out of the door and it was a sight to behold as his toned body was rather hot and then I as my eyes moved down over his chest and abs what was there to greet my eyes was something absolutely impressive.

His navy Speedos certainly were straining and not hiding any part of the bulge as his cock was tucked forward and straight down and his long thick cock was very visible and the way the sunlight reflected off the shiny navy lycra certainly helped to outline his bulge and my cock certainly responded to the bulging Speedos in front of me. I watch him walk the deck back to his girlfriend and sit down which when he did saw his cock and balls rest on the bench while the talked and finished packing up.


By now my cock was hard and was going to be hard to hide when I finally peeled my wetsuit off. I hung around a little while in my wetsuit and whilst Peter went off to the toilet I thought I might take the opportunity to peel off my wetsuit and turned towards the middle of the boat and pulled my wetsuit down. After revealing my Arena trunks I looked down and thought I’d better sit down on the bench as there was not hiding what looking at those navy Speedos had done to me. Even sitting down my hard cock was certainly visible under the light lycra of my arena trunks.

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