Blue Arena trunks……

Last week was hectic and I didn’t get to the pool so besides slipping on the cycling lycra on every day, I didn’t get much done except work and last minute packing to head for a fortnight of Sun & Surf so No White Christmas for me.

I’ve headed out to spend time and Christmas with the family and as I have a permanent room out at their place I did a minor last minute pack and when I arrived a couple of days ago I realized I had forgotten so much and one of those things were a couple of extra pairs of swimmers.

Blue Arena Trunks

I had a quick look in the draws in my room and besides a few pairs of boardshorts were one pair of light blue Arena trunks so it looks like these will be getting real work out over the next fortnight. So far they have spent the last couple of nights hanging over the taps of the shower after a day of scuba diving, beach and some lazing out by the pool.

They are quite a different fit to the AussieBum trunks that I’ve been wearing recently and where the AussieBums are a looser nylon style the Arena are the traditional lycra style hugging every curve and bulge which is quite exciting. I’m looking forward to spending many days in these and then showering off in the outdoor showers.

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