Alone in the showers at the pools….

Another busy week so only one trip to the local pool this week but I’d had a text from Mike earlier so I knew that he was busy and wouldn’t be down on the same night. There are some speedos I won’t wear when Mike is down so I thought I’d make that most of the opportunity of being at the pools with no one I knew that night and going through the draw I came across my pair of Ice Blue AussieBum with the logo across the back.

As I headed down to the pools I started to get nervous as I knew that I didn’t have another pair with me so if for what ever reason Mike turned up and saw me in these I might get quite a bit of ribbing from all of the friends but there was no turning back now.

Aussiebum Ice blue

The change rooms were really empty and the last time I wore my Ice Blue pair I made sure that I went straight into the pool without showering so the Lifeguard won’t know how see thru they really go until I got out of the pool. Unfortunately in the process of getting change I forgot about this plan and was on autopilot and headed straight for the showers and had a quick rinse before heading out towards the pool. It wasn’t until I caught sight of myself in the full length mirrors as you come out of the shower area that I noticed how clear it was that I dressed to the right (and you could see my Aussiebums stretched against my bulge as it was facing up towards my right hip), that I realised what I had done.

There wasn’t much I could do as they were wet now so out to the pool I went and found it was rather a quiet night so continued in with a few heads turned but the Lifeguard seemed unfazed so I continued to tie my drawstring up and put my goggles on.

I was the only Speedo style wearer down tonight but there was a guy in the fast lane with black jammers on and then there was also another guy that came in half way through my session in black jammers so it was just me in my now see thru pair of Ice Blue AussieBum doing it for Lycra Speedo wearers.

Towards the end of my swim session a bikini clad girl came to swim a bit in the slow lane and I would definitely be struggling to get out of the pool without an even bigger bulge on full display if I hadn’t stopped swimming along side of her and checking out the way her bikini bottoms barely covered her arse. However, I couldn’t resist watching her breasts bob in the water as she was swimming on her back up the lane as I left the pool and headed for the shower.

As I was getting close to the doorway into the changing rooms I could feel the front of my Aussiebums straining again with what I had seen so I knew if anyone was in the change room or heading out towards the pools they were about to get an eye full.

The showers were empty so as I hung my towel on the peg outside the shower and I took the opportunity to check my reflection in the mirror and boy were they now see through which made the front of them twitch with the excitement of wearing them.

I choose the disabled shower and left the curtain open as I knew Mike wasn’t around so I could be more daring and just enjoy the time in the shower. I started to lather up and just loved the way that the water and suds were rolling over the see through fabric that was working so hard to keep my everything in. I must have lathered up about 4-5 times before one of the jammer wearing swimmers come into the shower area and into a cubicle and shut the door, it was then that I realised my speedos were still tied up and all I’d done was washing myself hrough the fabric.

I undid the tie and let the strings fall over my bulging swimmers and just continued to enjoy my shower when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the other swimmer wearing jammers from the fast lane had now come into to the shower area, pause and glanced over in my direction before heading into a cubicle and shutting the door behind him.

I decided to lather up once more and just stood with my back to the shower wall and let the water run down over my chest and over the front of my bulge and just enjoyed the feeling. After a couple of minutes of this the cubicle door of the fast lane swimmer open and as he came out,  the way that I was arched back into the shower nozzle and the fact that the fabric was pratically see through there was no hiding and he paused and I could see where his were eyes focused.

I wasn’t sure what he was going to do as he lingered there in the middle of the area between the shower cubicles but as soon as he appeared he turned and headed for the main changing rooms but I was just flushed with excitement of having him watched me showering in my see through pair of AussieBum.


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