Laps and Speedos

So I thought this week was going to be quieter at the office but it wasn’t so I have only been able to get one night at the pool in and not much cycling to speak of so hopefully this weekend will allow a bit more cycling.

When I headed down to the pool this week Mike was just locking his bike up as I was walking down the road so went over for a chat as we walked in paid and headed for the changing rooms. It definitely seemed busier this week than previous visits and by the time I got into the pool I was happy to see that there was a new speedo wearer in the fast lane and he was wearing more of a water polo style Speedo similar to the picture below. His black Speedos did have a logo on the back as well but later on as he got out of the pool I was down the other end so I wasn’t able to see what club or brand it was. He got out of the pool about 5 or 10 minutes before Mike and I headed to the showers so I didn’t get to see any more of him so hopefully he will be back again.

Turbo Water Polo Speedos

As for regulars go there is a German guy that wears striped two toned blue speedo and is tall and lean and will see him every couple of weeks. I have seen him speak to the older chap in the blue speedo that I wrote about last week so think he must be quite regular down there. He usually hangs out in the fast lane and looks very comfortable in his Speedos. A couple of times in the past I have been in the showers around the same time as him and have seen him from behind after he has taken his Speedos off but he didn’t hang around that time. He has a light covering of hair in all the right places so similar to the guy in the striped Speedos below but he certainly wears them like he has been swimming in them since he was a kid.

German Striped Speedos

On previous visit I’ve heard him chat to the older chap and the last time I saw them together at the pool they left the pool and headed to the showers together, but then by the time I’d finished my laps and headed for the showers they were still in the showers which I thought was a bit strange. Unfortunately for me this was the one time there was a queue for the showers so even thought they were in cubicles directly opposite I had to grab the 1st cubicle available and didn’t get a chance to try and glance over.

The German guy in the striped speedos is certainly a good ambassador for Speedo wearers and will certainly let you know if I manage to be showering around the same time as him in the future…..

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