Aussiebums under my new 501s

It’s been a rather busy week again at the office, still I’ve managed to squeeze a pool session in and a bit of cycling but after a rather long day at the office today I only managed a short ride via Putney then home and got home about 8.30. Usually on nights like this I drop the bike and bag in the hallway and head around to the corner store still in my cycling lycra to grab something for dinner, but tonight I was fancying a beer after a hard day and thought if I walked down to the main shops Mike might be up for a pint after his laps so I headed upstairs for a quick shower.

After a shower I was looking around the room thinking of what to wear down to the shops and instead of my loose fitting boxers that I usually wear under my suit I came across my white Aussiebum “Property of”  tight white boxers which I brought a couple of months back. I think I have only worn them once but remembered that they were a really good fit and so I thought I’d give them another outing.

Property of Aussiebum

After slipping them on I was again amazed how good they felt and thought maybe I should wear them more. After admiring them for a bit in the mirror I thought I’d better finish getting dressed and head off to the shops so I grabbed my new 501s which were a recent purchase and I’d forgotten how great a good fitting pair of jeans feels.

I headed of down the shops and as I was going past the pools I hadn’t heard from Mike but thought I’d head over to see if his bike was still at the pool and if so I’d give him a ring but as I turned into the street I could see that he was just unlocking his bike and about to leave so it was perfect timing really and we headed off for a quick beer.

Whilst we were at the pub we were sitting at a high table sitting on some stools and I couldn’t help but notice the feeling of the boxers and couldn’t remember them sitting so low at the back before as the waist band seemed to be sitting just at the top of my bum cheeks. A couple of times whilst Mike was chatting to me I got a little distracted with how great they were feeling and I was sort of got caught up in the moment of how great I felt in these boxers.


Towards the bottom of the pint we decided to have another one before heading off so I took the opportunity to pop to the toilets before getting the next round. As I left the table and started to walk away I lost myself in the feeling of how great the tight boxer shorts felt under my jeans and I couldn’t resist tucking my hand into the back of my jeans to feel them and just how they were sitting perfectly at the top of my bum cheeks. They were also sitting below the waist of my jeans so if anyone had been watching me whilst I was sitting on the stool talking to Mike it might have looked like I was actually going commando in my 501s.

As I reached the toilets and started to undo the buttons on the fly of my jeans I couldn’t help but take a little extra time feeling the tight fabric underneath my jeans.

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