Showering with Max and my brother

One of my earliest memories of being mesmerised by speedos was when I was a teenager and one weekend Max a family friend was staying at our house as he and my brother were planning on surfing and hanging out on the weekend.

My brother is 2 years older than me and is just over 6ft with a typical surfer body. Max was a similar age but was as I now know a pocket rocket and with a similar surfer physic as my brother although just a more compact model. My brother and Max heading out Saturday morning for a surf, but our family rule was until you had your lifesaving certificate you couldn’t go out without my Dad, so I stayed at home but the plan was to head to the local pool later in the day once the sea breeze in and the surfing not as good.

So later that day after Max and my brother had come home and had lunch, Mum dropped us off at the pool and left us to it.

We left our bags on the grass and headed for the main pool Max was wearing some long plain navy board shorts with a logo on the left leg and I my brother had some classic black shorter style board shorts and I had longer style board shorts that were not as tailored at the waist as my brothers or Max’s but mine were a little looser with wide navy and white stripes.

Whilst at the pools we moved between the diving pool and the lap pool and every time we got out of the pool there was no suggestion of what lay beneath my brother’s and Max’s board shorts as they were tailored at the waist and a dark colour, so they would be off over to the other pool with me following as my board shorts had a draw string and the white parts were pretty see through so I was conscious of this and would try and flick them away from my skin so that my jocks underneath weren’t as visible as I walked across to the other pool.

We were at the pools for about an hour before it was getting close to when we were getting picked up. As we grabbed our bags Max asked if we were showering and my brother said yes so we all headed off to the outdoor change rooms. These change rooms consisted of a circular brick wall with a roof that only covers half of the area with the main part just rows of benches down the middle and an open shower behind a partition wall on one side and toilet cubicles down on the opposite wall with some sinks.

I wasn’t sure why we had come into the change room to shower as when we were growing up we would always just wear jocks under our board shorts and just rinse ourselves under the open shower and then just wrap a towel and jump in the car. We put our bags on a bench with Max and my brother on one side and myself on the other and I grab my towel out of bag but as Max grabbed a change of clothes out with his towel.

We all headed to the shower area and grabbed a shower head each and started to rinse the chlorine off. I hadn’t brought a change of clothes so I was just rinsing off and chatting with Max who was next to me and my brother who was on the other side of Max. At one point I was facing the wall with my head down and the water just pouring over my head and down my back and out the corner of my eye I saw Max unhook the press stud button on his waistband and then heard the velcro fly open up and looked up just as Max’s board shorts were heading to the shower floor.

Max bent over to pick them up to hang them on the hook opposite the shower head and I noticed that he wasn’t wearing regular jocks and they were a black shiny fabric . It wasn’t until he turned to walk back to the shower that I saw the white Speedo Logo on the hip and the white drawstring where the elastic waist band usually is. I was breathless with the sight in front of me as these Speedos seem to have been made especially for Max as they really accentuated his waist, flat stomach and the V that leads the eye down to what lies beneath. They were very firm across his bum and I was just amazed at how they really cradled his arse checks and then headed up over the front of his leg before diving into the pouch and Max certainly had a very full pouch which had the white drawstring resting.

We’ve been swimming with Max before so I was just amazed how these speedos really has changed the way Max looked and I spent the rest of the shower stealing glimpses of Max’s waist and his bulge and his firm arse that seems to make the Black Speedo shimmer as his arse cheeks flexed and the lycra seemed to struggle to contain Max.

Max Showering

I found myself lost in Max’s Speedos and before I knew it the showers were being turned off and my brother and Max were heading out into the main changing room area but I was frozen under the shower watching Max who now seemed to strut across the tiled floor with his firm toned legs now out on display with that Black Speedo providing the perfect balancing act of full pouch offset by the firm round arse. As my eyes moved up I began to notice how tapered Max’s waist was which then flared out to his broad shoulders as my eyes moved up his back.

Once they had rounded the corner I took a second to compose myself and turned the shower off and headed off after them. As I came into the main change room area Max was towelling himself off and I was once again mesmerized but how hot he was looking just standing there towelling himself off.

After a quick dry Max wraps his towel around his waist and even though I can’t see seem them I just can’t forget them under his towel and as he reached up under this towel to start to take them off I was imagining his fingers tucking in at his waist band then seeing the Speedo slide down his hips exposing his bare butt. A moment later Max’s speedo appeared from underneath his towel and he threw them onto the bench in front of me and as they lay on the bench in front of me I could see the white lining which has been cradling against his cock and ball for the last hour or so, all I wanted to do was to pick them up and feel the wet black shining lycra and even try them on.

I can’t really remember much of the conversation but before I knew it we were dressed outside but my mind was still back in that shower and I knew that this experience was going to be with me for a long long time.

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