Ski Snowboard Lycra

It’s a horrible grey wet Sunday out there and although I need to get the cycling lycra on and head out later I was in no rush to get out of bed, so it was a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with the iPad.

I’m off to Les Arc in just over 2 months for the annual pilgrimage to the snow and so whilst I’ve already brought a new jacket and Henley base layer I’ve only got one pair of Skins Compression tights to wear for the whole week.

I’ve been wearing Skins a200 tights (pictured) Skins a200 Tightsfor the last couple of years under my snowboarding pants and love them as especially in the groin area, the way that they are cut really keeps everything in place and also makes it into an impressive sight. Over the last couple of years when getting ready in the chalet in the mornings everyone is at different stages of readiness and therefore layers whilst having breakfast and a couple of times I have had just these and a t-shirt on as I have some breakfast and we talk about the days plan. I’ve managed to get another couple of pairs this morning so more reason now to come down to breakfast in new kit.

Whilst in bed this morning I was also thinking back to last years ski trip as we are going back to the same apartment complex in Les Arc so I know that there will be the opportunity for after a day on the board to hit the sauna and they also have a Jacuzzi and small pool outside which is overlooked by many apartment’s windows and balconies. I received a message from another Lycra fan who saw my collection of Speedos and Aussiebum swimwear and asked if had a pair of AussieBum Noosa (pictured below) and so I had a quick look and I couldn’t resist.

Aussiebum Noosa

Last year I had a pair of basic navy speedo style swimmers with me as I wasn’t sure what the pool / sauna area would be like so thought playing it save would be the way to go. I managed to get most of the gang down to the sauna and a few ventured out through the snow to the pool or Jacuzzi with the girls sporting bikinis, the lads typically brought their sports shorts. I think this trip these new ones will be the treat as I might turn a few more heads on their balconies as I head across the snow covered path to the Jacuzzi.

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