Monday night at the Pool

Black AussieBum

So most of the posts so far have been about cycling gear but that’s just as at the moment I am riding a lot more than usual but I do have a heap of speedos and aussiebum gear as well and I try and to get down to the local pool at least once a week to give the legs a different work out and of course the chance to see other guys in speedos is an added bonus.

I’m not sure how many speedos and aussiebums I have but at the moment I am wearing a pair of black Aussiebum speedo style like those pictured above and I’ve been wearing them consistently for the last couple of weeks as unless I have a real urge for a different colour I will just generally grab the pair hanging on the airer as I throw my kit into my bag as I rush out the door.

I got down to the local pool a little later than usual and quickly changed into my Aussiebums and through out to the pool. I hadn’t heard from Mike as to whether he was going to be down doing his laps but as I came out up along side of the pool I could see him in the fast lane doing laps. Along with Mike there were the usual crowd of jammer wearers in the fast lane and besides my Aussiebums there was just another regular older chap in his navy blue speedos. I jumped in and Mike had just finished a lap and spotted me so came over for a chat and after this I turn back towards to lane and notice that another swimmer had jumped in and was standing right next to me and I notice that he was wearing black speedos and a dark navy swimming cap. It was great to see another speedo wearer in the pool but noticed he was standing a little closer then usual and noticed he was doing up the drawstring of his Speedos.

My Aussiebums still had the cord hanging out and I took the opportunity to tie them up and noticed that he looked down in the direction as I pulled the top of my Aussiebums out a little a bit and tied the cord on them up. I set off on my laps and kept my eyes out for this new chap in his speedos as I hadn’t seen him down at the pools before. I caught a glimpse of him pushing off the wall a couple of times and as he stretched out down the lane he looked great in his speedos with a lean body and his speedos looked great as they covered his arse. His Speedo were black with white and grey thin strips on the left hip. After doing laps Mike said that he was heading off and so I said I was going to do about another 5 or 10 minutes so I’d catch him later on.

Unfortunately during the laps we weren’t joined by anymore speedos wearers and as Mike left I saw the older chap in his navy Speedos head for the showers. I had another couple of laps so wasn’t going to be far behind him. After a few more laps the other guy in his black Speedos and navy swim cap was still swimming but I hoped he might be finished and head to the showers soon. As I came into the changing room I could see that Mike had just got his shirt on so asked him if he wanted to head to the pub for a pint so placed my order and headed off to the showers. The local pool has cubicle showers and most of the guys no matter what they were in the pool will close the door but there is also a disabled shower which has a curtain which most guys will  leave open or with a gap at one end. I personally have grown up with communal open showers and find the cubicle showers a little prudish so I don’t bother about shutting the door.

As I walked into the shower area I could see that the cubicle and disable shower on the left was in use and so out of the three cubicles on the right side I choose the one furthest away from the door and hung my towel on the peg and jumped in the shower. As I jumped under the shower and let the water run over me I turned and as I moved a little out of the shower stream and opened my eyes I could see that opposite my cubicle I could see the disabled shower curtain wasn’t pulled fully closed and that the older chap in his navy Speedos was still in the shower. He has a pretty lean body similar to that picture below.

tony-abbott-speedosI got the body wash and started to soap up with and wash all over and as I was rubbing across the front of my Aussiebums the cord came undone falling down over my bulge and loosening up my trunks. I usually soap up with my trunks on and then rinse off and then take off my trunks off and then repeat the soaping up naked. As I was finishing off rubbing the body wash done my legs, as I went to rinse off I looked across to see that he was facing  away from me and was pulling his speedos down so I thought I would pause for a moment and take the sight in. As he got his speedos over his feet and off he turned and reached out of the cubicle to hang them on the peg just outside of the shower. As he turned I couldn’t but help notice that he was packing a large cock. I continued rinsing off and then it was time for me to get out of my Aussiebums. I turned to face the shower head and slipped my hand into the front trunks to readjust my  cock and balls and then moved both hands around under my Aussiebums to my hips and started to slide my trunks down. After taking them off I held them up to the shower head and soaked them with water before turning to hang them on the peg.

As I was soaping up with body wash I glanced across and he was still in shower and I could see that the head of his large penis was just poking out of his foreskin although his cock was not hard but it was an impressive sight. I think his speedos would certainly have a tough job containing that cock if he got excited in the pool.

The timer of the shower turned off and I remembered that Mike was waiting at the pub so I thought I’d better finish up.

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