Sunday cycle to Box Hill cont’d

Well finally a chance to finish writing about my ride out on to Box Hill on Sunday. Well after a pit stop into the bike shop it was off up towards Putney and Chris’s place. Chris is quite a bit younger than I am about 6’2″ and lean. He is originally a mountain biker and only gets the lycra out when he is on his expensive road bike and one of these guys that will only wear black bib shorts and  always makes sure his is tucked down behind the pad in his shorts.

I’ve been riding with Chris for about 18 months and I can only count two times in all of the time that I have been able to make out the outline of him in his shorts. The first time was this summers after we had done a ride to Windsor and on the way home we stopped into Richmond Park for a lap and snack. After a little while of sitting on the lawn chatting he must have moved from behind the pad and he was sitting to the left of the pad which looked quite impressive at times. It felt like I was just staring at it but I wanted to make the most of this rare opportunity and then the second was on Sunday.

Chris’s collection of cycling lycra consists of black bib shorts and 3/4 DHB Bib Shorts which he has worn consistently every outing for the last year. I was wondering whether he might have some new long bibs for the cooler weather but as he come out to meet me it was his old faithfuls similar to those below that he had on.


As he approached I had a quick check and he was tucked in a per usual so after a quick chat it was off on the road. I managed to ride behind Chris quite a bit and was taking in the view and how the tight bike gear hugged him from his broad shoulders and narrowed down to his arse, he certainly wears cycling gear very well. The more we were out I was noticing how his bib shorts had a bit of shine to the fabric which made the view from his arse down over his thighs look great. It really accentuated the dimples in the side of the arse cheek and the flare out into some well toned thighs as he rode.

As we approached Box Hill Chris said he felt his back tyre going down and so we were having a great day with mechanicals! We pulled into a pub car park so that Chris could change his tyre and I took the opportunity for a comfort break in the bushes. When I returned I was standing in front of Chris chatting a he changed his tyre and as I glanced down I could see him bulging to the left side of his pad in his shorts. With the squatting and standing up that he was doing it must have worked it’s way out from behind the pad. Once again I knew this was a rare occasion so I took every opportunity to take the view in.


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