Sunday Cycle to Box Hill

After a late Saturday night out at a couple of parties it was a slow start this morning but the plan was to head out to Boxhill for a 70+mile ride with my mate Chris. I haven’t heard from Chris since August when we had a couple of beers after work and as the winter is closing in I thought a weekend ride with him was not on the cards unitl 2015 so when I got a text yesterday morning to see if I was around for a spin the answer was definitely yes.

As always I seem to always get my kit wrong for these rides so I went with my trusty Mavic 3/4 bib shorts and a long sleeve helly hansen base layer with a light blue cycling jersey. After a quick text to Chris to say I was leaving Camberwell I was off and warming the legs up. I got through Clapham ok but on the approach to Wandsworth town I could feel the back tyre was getting spongey so I continued to try and make it to Chris’s place but as I got through the Wandsworth Town it became obvious that I would need a pitstop at the local bike shop. After purchasing some extra tubes I started the job of changing the tube but before I’d even go the tyre off I was a little glad to be there, as another lycraclad cyclist entered the shop and parked his expensive looking Specialized bike next to mine. From the bend over position that I was in I could see that he was wearing black Mavic Bib shorts. His legs were quite solid and he and certianly filled the shorts very nicely similar to these pictured here.

vaude bib 3

As I continued with changind my tyre I was looking around the store and he had moved over to look at the shoes which were opposite to where I was and as he was facing away from me which gave me a good opportunity to check out the view from behind which was hot. After he had looked around the shop he decided to come back over to get his bike but whilst he was putting his glasses and earphones in it gave me an opportunity to survey the front view at closer quarter and he had a very nicely formed bulge but as I looked I could see that he was one of these cyclist that wears tight midcut boxers under his bibshorts as you could see the hem lines pressing through the lycra.

Never the less it was a great view and I not sure whether it was the boxers underneath but the bulge that he was sporting was very full and I would have loved the chance to see it with just the bibshorts lycra firm against his skin.

After he left it was back to the job at hand and then off to meet up with Chris.

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